Would You Believe -- Chocolate Skulls?

What's the perfect Halloween gift for an X-choc fan? Why, chocolate skulls, of course

The movie Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull wasn't exactly well received by the critics. It might have gotten a few more "thumbs up" if it had been retitled Indiana Jones and the Chocolate Skull. That's what we at Extreme Chocolate think, anyhow. Of course, we're a little biased.

Incidentally, that choco-skull thing, we're totally not making that up. We'll prove it today. If you think the subject's icky, consider this: these skulls are no more grisly than anatomically correct chocolate hearts, and a lot less so than chocolate brains that contain red goo that squish out when you bite into them.

Hardheaded chocolate

Let's start with some li'l chocolate skulls from Valerie Confections, which are titled "Mori ex Cacao" -- that's Death by Chocolate, for you and me. An apt name, wouldn't you say? These plum-sized tasty tidbits come in a round black box tied with black ribbon, and are nestled in their own black confectionary cups.

These miniskulls are nice big chunks o' chocolate, noted for their fine detail and extraordinary flavors -- Scorched Caramel, Bitter Brandied Cherry, and Curious Chili. Sadly, though, they only come three to a box, and weigh in at a hefty $65 for the collection.

Mmm, tasty

Several companies actually provide full-sized chocolate skulls, for all your macabre needs. These are huge things literally the size of your head, made of solid chocolate; we're talking about pounds and pounds of the stuff. If you buy one, you'd better hope you're hungry or have a lot of friends to help you eat it.

Gorey Details offers one such, sans jawbone, for a cool $145. Cast from a real human skull, these ghoulish gourmet items are created by an artist as they're ordered, and are both anatomically correct and surprisingly detailed. They weigh in at over ten pounds each. Sound like your kind of thing?

Incidentally, the standard Gorey Details chocolate skull is made of fine imported chocolate (ten pounds of it!) in a mix of Belgian milk and white chocolate, so it resembles freshly-cleaned human bones. But you can get them in pure milk, white, and dark chocolate, too.

Skullduggery squared

If for some reason ten pounds of skull-shaped chocolate is just too much for you, how about a life-sized model weighing just 5.5 pounds (2.5 kilos)? Imagine the fun you'll have chopping up this deadly delicacy, which will cost you a mere $120. These skulls are anatomically correct right down to the teeth and skull fissures.

Even better, you can get them in patterned "bone chocolate," as well as dark, milk, and white chocolate. Very soon they'll be offered in Organic Chocolate, 80% Cocoa Chocolate, and Fair Trade Chocolate flavors, too. Chocolate Skulls, of course, is the company that makes them!