Weird Chocolate News

Take a look at these tidbits of weird chocolate news, and revel in the chocolate extremity!

Welcome to the first installment of what we hope will become a regular feature: Weird Chocolate News. Extreme chocolate events occur more often than you might think, so we thought you might be interested in hearing about them as they crop up. Of course we've got quite the backlog to deal with, so bear with us!

In previous articles, we've told you all about chocolate fueled cars, chocolate covered cars, and the most expensive chocolate dessert ever ($25,000) -- but those items just scratch the surface of the chocolate extremity available to the current events connoisseur. Let's take a look, shall we?

Chocolate Heaven

In 2003, one of the most memorable weird chocolate news items ever appeared in the Brazilian media, just after a tanker truck containing thousands of gallons of liquid chocolate overturned on the Pinheiros highway in Sao Paulo, spilling its precious cargo across three lanes of traffic.

While this is, of course, one of the most horrible food-related accidents a chocolate extremo could imagine, apparently no one was hurt. Interestingly enough, children stuck in the resultant traffic jam piled out of their cars, stripped to their underwear, and rolled around in the spilled goo. Who could blame 'em?

Pure torture

How would you like to get trapped in a vat of chocolate? It happened to a Wisconsin man in August 2006, and he was less than thrilled about it. According to this weird chocolate news tidbit, the poor guy was pushing chocolate down into a vat at a factory when he lost his balance and fell into the hot chocolate mixture.

Somehow he couldn't get out -- he says the chocolate was like quicksand and got all over him, including in his hair, eyes, and mouth, weighing him down -- and it took rescuers two hours to free him from the 110-degree stuff. That's hotter than many hot tubs, so it's no laughing matter...but you can't help but envy him, right?

Chocolate Saviors

Several chocolate religious figures have appeared in the weird chocolate news lately. In Fountain Valley, California, right about the time the man in Wisconsin was swimming in chocolate, workers at Bodega Chocolates found a little pile of chocolate drippings behind a machine that resembled the Virgin Mary.

But it was her Son who got the most press. Cosimo Cavallero, an artist known for his controversial food-based exhibits, was all set to display his latest creation at the Roger Smith Hotel, Manhattan, for Holy Week in March 2007. The piece was a six-foot statue of a naked (and anatomically correct) Jesus Christ.

The sculpture was cancelled from the exhibition after the hotel received death threats from offended protesters. Apart from the nudity, it was possibly the title and medium that made this weird chocolate news item so offensive: the 200 pound statue was made of milk chocolate, and named "My Sweet Lord."