Weird Chocolate News, Dispatch #2

All the weird chocolate news that fit to print, folks! (And some that isn't)

We hope you enjoyed our recent foray into the world's Weird Chocolate News. You know, there's a lot of unusual chocolate-related stuff happening out there, so we thought it was about time for a second dispatch. We're still catching up, so some of these things may be a little old -- but they're definitely not stale.

Oooh, yummy....

This is one of the news items that is, shall we say, just a little dated -- it comes to us originally from 2001, which means that it's practically from the Stone Age in modern terms. As it turns out, a company in the (then) recently-liberated former republic of Ukraine was marketing candy made of chocolate-covered fat.

You read that little piece of weird chocolate news right. In 2001, the Odessa Confectionary Factory began producing something called Salo v Shokolade as an April Fool's Day joke. The idea was to mock the traditional Ukrainian snack called salo, which is basically just salted pork fat eaten with pickles and vodka.

But the candy caught on, and it's still popular. Fortunately, the filling isn't pure fat -- it's caramel with rendered fat added as a flavoring. Still...chocolate-covered fat? Well, we do eat pork rinds here in America. The President almost choked on one once. And chocolate-covered bacon is considered a delicacy these days...

Now here's an idea.

How about a chocolate billboard? That's what advertisers in Convent Garden, England asked themselves back in early 2007. That Easter, Thorntons Chocolate tasked chocolatier Barry Colenso with putting together a 14.5 wide by 9.5 high weird chocolate news item.

The publicity stunt took three months to plan. Then it took ten people 300 hours to built, and was expected to last a week. They did not, however, take into account a horde of Brownies (the Girl Scout kind) who descended on the store hungry for chocolate, followed by hundreds of other peckish customers.

Within three hours the giant chocolate billboard, which included 128 chocolate panels, 72 giant chocolate eggs, and 10 big chocolate bunnies, was history. Three hours. Who would have thought that a few hundred people could eat something that big that quickly? Now that's some real weird chocolate news!

Chocolate fingers, anyone?

Okay, so this piece of news is just plain gross, and one wonders -- how in the heck did this happen to slip by Quality Control? Because it seems that in February 2007, a German man bit into his chocolate bar and found something weird inside -- and it wasn't a Golden Ticket. It was a human fingertip.

That's right, a fingertip, made of flesh, blood and bone, complete with a fingernail -- right there in the middle of his chocolate bar. Police declined to reveal the brand of chocolate bar the gruesome treat was found in, but if they do, you can be sure we'll mention in a future issue of Weird Chocolate News.