Weird Chocolate Gifts, Take Two

Oodles of Chocolate Oddities!

A week ago, we featured some weird chocolate gifts in an article of the same name. With so many extreme options we felt obliged to take on the subject again.

The term "extreme chocolate" can be rather subjective, and that applies in spades to the idea of weird chocolate gifts. Okay, so most people think chocolate shaped like brains, feet, and (ahem) other body parts is weird, and everyone thinks chocolate bugs are weird, but really -- there are weirder forms out there.

For example, how do chocolate bullets, a chocolate mink coat, or chocolate band-aids sound? Come along for this scintillating theobromine-soaked ride, and we'll show you all this and more.

Chocolate Ammo, Baby

We don't know where the idea for this particular weird chocolate gift came from originally, but several manufacturers have run with it. Case in point: Darrell Lea's Milk Chocolate Bullets, which are actually bullets in shape more than anything else. They're licorice straws covered in chocolate.

Of course, if that's not sufficiently martial for you, real-life Chocolate Ammo is available. These are real bullet-shaped choco-snacks, 20 rounds to the package, that come in nifty military-style ammo boxes (a little smaller than standard, admittedly). To learn more, take a gander at the Chocolate Ammo site.

Good for What Ails You

While it won't be appropriate for that paper cut, a chocolate band-aid is welcome in many other situations. A place called Chocolate Heaven (where we all want to go when we die) offers perfect little bandages in milk chocolate for the discerning patient, among other items.

You know the nicotine patch that some smokers wear to help them stop smoking? Well, in recognition that love of chocolate is an addiction, Chocolate Heaven offers these chocolate patches, which you can stick to your tongue until the craving passes. Ingenious! Both products (and more) are available here.

Not enough?

If the chocolate patch just seems ineffective, or all you want to do is treat yourself to a little luxury, may we suggest the chocolate mink coat? It's the ideal item of guilt-free haute apparel, since no minks were harmed in its manufacturing process. This item is offered at a bargain price in dark chocolate by Conrad's Confectionary.

And finally, what true X-Choc fan would be satisfied if they didn't at least try this ultimate of chocolate snacks, White Chocolate Maggots? Honestly, who comes up with this stuff? Was someone out fishing when they were struck by this particular idea? Here you are, then.

We hope you've enjoyed this latest review of the way-out-there in the world of chocolate. Be forewarned though, there are enough such oddities that we expect to be compiling a "Weird Chocolate Gifts, Take Three" any day now.