Weird Chocolate Gifts, Take Three

We're back with more weird chocolate gifts, so climb in and hang on!

You might think chocolate couldn't get much more extreme than chocolate maggots or band-aids, but believe us, there are more weird chocolate gifts available, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. We've already spoken of some in these pages -- chocolate hearts, chocolate feet, chocolate bugs...

Now, those things are almost enough to make 10-lb bars of chocolate shaped like credit cards tame by comparison. Well, that ain't all -- here are a few more of the odder chocolate items we've managed to dig up. Some are whimsical, some practical (at least from a chocoholic's perspective!) and all are a little weird.

Politics and Ladybugs

One company offering amusingly weird chocolate gifts is Moonstruck Chocolatier, which is considered one of the top specialty chocolate makers in America due to their high-cacao products and close attention to bean selection. Consider some tasty political standard-bearers.

Scroll down the page a bit and you'll find an eye-opening truffle collection designed to look, of all things, like ladybugs. Hey, real ladybugs are good for the garden, right? So these guys must be good for the belly. Of all the chocolate bugs we've seen, these are the only ones we'd ever actually consider eating!

Book 'em, Danno

What chocolate cop would be complete without a pair of chocolate handcuffs? While this weird chocolate gift might not be the most solid piece of equipment ever, it would certainly stop a chocoholic in their tracks. But we're not so sure about that "Prisoner of Love" stuff -- it might give some folks the wrong message.

If shackles aren't your thing, you can go the artistic route and buy some chocolate paints, in either dark, milk, or white chocolate. These might be good for touching up your pastries, we suppose. The maker, Shakolad Chocolate Factory, suggests using them as body paints -- but c'mon, who would want to do that...?

Moving Right Along...

Come Thanksgiving, you can always set the table with a centerpiece made from dark chocolate in the shape of a turkey. This is a big 'un! it weighs almost three pounds and is 11 inches high. You know, this may be the ideal weird chocolate gift for vegetarians -- it's gotta taste better than tofurkey!

If there's someone mechanical in your life (and we're not talking robots here), chocolate tools and similar impedimenta are not to be missed. One great place to find everything from electrical sockets to needle-nosed pliers is The Chocolate Vault, which offers a specialty line of molded chocolate tools of all types.

But wait -- is the very thought of chocolate making your teeth hurt? Don't worry, here's a source of giant chocolate aspirin that will be ideal for both satisfying your cravings and easing your toothache. If worse comes to worse, these guys even have chocolate dentures -- among other weird chocolate gifts!