Weird Chocolate Gifts: Take One

Sometimes it's not the chocolate itself that's extreme, as much as the shape of the chocolate. Here are some weird chocolate gifts for you to consider.

There was a time when a hollow chocolate bunny might have been considered a weird chocolate gift, but that was before the days of injection molding and crass Easter-oriented commercialism. Now it's weirder if a kid doesn't get one in his or her Easter basket, usually with the ears already lopped off by hungry parents.

Okay, so maybe that only happens in our families. We are, extreme chocolate fans, and it's well known that those proclivities are genetic. In any case, we're going to explore weird chocolate gifts that are still uncommon by modern standards. At least, for the moment.

A New Definition of Delicious

In these hallowed pages, you may have already read about weird chocolate gifts. Some examples are solid chocolate Monopoly boards, bacon chocolate, Corallo Cacao, and other scrumpdelyicious items of confectionary rarity. There are even people making clothes out of chocolate.

But they do come weirder, okay? There's the issue of chocolate brains, for example, which come in various sizes. Some are even cherry-filled, which is an old horror technique Stephen King calls "going for the gross-out." Yep. Now there's something slick to hand out on Halloween, eh?

And Then Some

That's not the limit of anatomical weird chocolate gifts, sadly. There are also chocolate hearts to be had, and we're not talking about Valentines. You can find an anatomically correct heart, chocolate feet, ears and teeth. You'll find your heart's desire. Gulp.

Know someone who's recently put their foot in their mouth? If you want to get the point across to them without the shadow of a doubt, send 'em a ten-ounce chocolate foot.

But Wait, There's More...

Any hey, if you want to give a shout out to your peeps, you can do that too. Your chocolate covered marshmallow peeps, anyway, which seems a reasonable evolution of existing Easter candy. But try this weird chocolate gift on for size: a ten-pound bar of chocolate shaped like an American Express card.

It's a little big to carry around in your wallet, though, and then there's that whole melting issue to deal with. Ooh! And here's something extra-special... Muddy Bears. These are actually chocolate covered gummi bears.

Deliciously creamy and chewy, all at once. How's that for a nicely weird chocolate gift, eh?