Weird Chocolate Gifts, Take Four

Looking for more weird chocolate gifts? Great, because we've got a wonderful two-part article right here on exactly that subject

We extreme chocolate lovers are fortunate in many ways, not least because there are so many weird chocolate gifts out there that we're sure to get something new and exciting every birthday and Christmas. chocolate bugs? Check. chocolate bullets? Check. chocolate ca-ca? Um, sadly, check.

From chocolate perfume to your very own chocolate bandages, there's enough odd chocolate out there to keep your little heart happy no matter what. Let's look at a few more items, hmmm? This time, we've found so many it'll take two full articles to cover them all.

Supersize Me!

One of our favorite weird chocolate gifts is something that we've mentioned in several recent articles: Frrozen Haute Chocolate, the $25,000 dessert offered by the New York restaurant Serendipity 3 (the extra "r" is intentional). This is the perfect gift for the woman you really care about!

See, it comes complete with a $250 chocolate truffle, and includes 28 different types of chocolate blended with edible gold and eaten with a gem-encrusted golden spoon. There's a diamond bracelet at the bottom of the crystal goblet. When she finds it, that's when you ask her to marry you. How could she say no?

While this extravagant weird chocolate item isn't exactly an everyday offering at Serendipity 3, its poorer cousin, the Golden Opulence Sundae, is available daily. We call it "cousin" rather than "sibling" because, alas, it's only partly chocolate. It goes for just $1,000.

Calculate This

While it would be difficult indeed to create an edible chocolate calculator that actually functioned as such, a Japanese company has come up with the next best thing. Although it's made of glass and plastic, the Choc-u-lator looks just like it's made of chocolate. It even comes in a chocolate bar type package.

(Incidentally, the site is mostly in Japanese, and its English translation is nearly as amusing as the product.) Here's our favorite part about this weird chocolate gift: it even smells like chocolate. How they did that, and how long the scent lasts, we can't say; but it's an endearing idea for something that costs just $4.


If a fake choco-calculator isn't sufficient for your office chocolate needs, well, here you are: a 12-ounce chocolate keyboard made of dark chocolate, complete with appropriately-marked keys. It even comes with a five-ounce milk chocolate computer mouse, which is decorated with the image of a whiskery mouse.

As foodie site Slashfood reports, though, it lacks a number pad and arrow keys, which as anyone knows are absolutely necessary for any real choco-computer peripheral. So sadly, we can't recommend this particular one of many weird chocolate gifts -- except as something to be snarfed ASAP.