Weird Chocolate Gifts, Take Five

Not only is chocolate the food of the gods, it makes for some really sweet weird chocolate gifts. Here are a few more for you to consider.

In Part I of this article, we discussed weird chocolate gifts that fell into two categories: desserts, and office supplies. Well, the goodies in this little missive fall into two other tasty categories: candy (gee, what a surprise), and wearable chocolate (no, really). We think you'll find them interesting.

Admittedly, some are interesting in the same way a train wreck is interesting, but still. Submitted, then, for your approval: chocolate goodies that any self-respecting chocolate extremo should be sure to put on his or her chocolate lover's gift list.


It seems that candy-makers are enamored with forming our favorite food into more than just bars and truffles, which may explain weird chocolate gifts like Chocka Ca Ca (which we wish we could forget), chocolate bullets, chocolate skulls, chocolate...well, the list goes on and on, doesn't it?

Now it includes Chocolate Screamers. These are little candies that look like nut candy bars until you realize that the little "nuts" sticking out are really open-mouthed candy heads screaming out at the world. All righty then. if that's not your idea of fun, may we suggest Sweet Salami?

This is a traditional Tuscan desert that's so-called because it's made to look like, well, salami. You're not likely to find it in a store anywhere, at least not here in North America, but you can coyly suggest to your friends that they follow this simple recipe to make this weird chocolate gift for you. It's supposed to be easy.

Chocolate really does "heel" all!

If you're looking for a gift for your girl, how about a pair of chocolate heels? That's right, high-heeled shoes, cunningly crafted from chocolate. You can get these stiletto-heeled darlings in either white chocolate or milk chocolate, complete with little bows on the front and clear plastic carrying bags.

If choco-heels are insufficient, you're in luck, because there are other weird chocolate gifts available as accessories. For example, how about these little chocolate purses? Sure, they're a little small, and you can't open them, but they're fun to give and receive!

If even that's not enough, how about giving your gal a chocolate dress -- or better yet, a chocolate wedding dress? Rococo Chocolates and bridal designer Ian Stuart got together to create exactly that for London's recent Chocolate Week 2008 (October 13-19). What, you've never heard of Chocolate Week?

The new bridal creation is simultaneous striking and shocking. It's made of white chocolate, and has been described as "technically brilliant." But that doesn't make it any less weird, when you think about it. And you definitely don't want your bride to wear this weirdest of all weird chocolate gifts if you're getting hitched on a hot day!