Want to Try Decorating With Chocolate? Try These Clever Tips!

If you’re looking for an unusual and exotic feel for your home, why not try decorating with chocolate?

Even the most dedicated chocolate lover might find decorating with chocolate unusual, but you can incorporate chocolate into your home in a tasteful, refined manner (I'm not talking about the chocolate palace from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!). Using color, suggestion, and a few tasteful accents (or not, as the case may be), you can evoke the romance, richness, and mystery of everyone's favorite food!

1. Use chocolate browns for a dark, mysterious feeling.

Chocolate brown is in fact a color, and it's the key to creating a chocolate themed home. You can buy brown leather furniture, ceramic or stone tiled floors, or Ralph Lauren's suede-looking paint for the walls.

When using chocolate brown in your decorating scheme, the key is to contrast with lots of light, neutral, and natural tones. A cream colored sofa or drapes will go perfectly in a dark room, while lots of green plants complement the color's natural edge. Who knows? Maybe you'll take the ultimate step in decorating with chocolate and grow your own cocoa beans!

2. Find accessories that invoke a chocolate feel.

You won't want decorating with chocolate to extend to actual chocolate on the walls (or at least, most of us won't), but you can find accessories that make you think CHOCOLATE! before you blink your eyes. For example, these stoneware chocolate vases, or a whimsical painting of a chocolate confection. You can even adapt chocolate boxes to serve as DVD holders and the like.

3. Get creative!

You can always take creativity to the next step with chocolate. Find a set of coasters where you can insert your own picture and, instead, create a clever collage of chocolate bar wrappers to slip inside. Not your style? Use the foil wraps instead. Alternatively, create and frame your own collage of chocolate wrappers, labels, or boxes for a unique and unusual centerpiece.

4. Don't forget the finishing touches.

What puts the finishing touch on a roomed with a chocolate theme? Chocolate, of course! Buy a beautiful bowl and keep it well stocked with chocolates suited to the time of year -- Easter bunnies, Christmas ornaments, dark rich truffles for winter, or light whipped confections for spring. There isn't a hard and fast rule when you're decorating with chocolate, so let your imagination guide you!

Follow these tips and who knows? You might find that decorating with chocolate becomes the next neighborhood sensation.