Try These Romantic Chocolate Ideas

Looking to spice up the love life? Here are some romantic chocolate ideas that can't fail

It's natural to associate chocolate and love, so why not stock up on romantic chocolate ideas for any time of year? Valentine's Day is a great time to indulge, sure -- but how surprised would your significant other will be with a special chocolate gift on the fourth of July, or your one year and eight months anniversary?

Print out these romantic chocolate ideas for your chocoholic significant other. They're bound to love them!

-- Get a bouquet of chocolate roses. Place them in a beautiful vase wrapped with a ribbon. They'll last longer than real flowers, and they taste better, too.

-- Create a chocolate trail. Lay a path of wrapped chocolates (go for Hershey's kisses and hugs if you want really romantic chocolate ideas) that lead around your house, out the back door, through the yard (make sure your SO discovers it quickly, though, or the local wildlife -- and insects -- might get there first). Have a special treat waiting at the end.

-- Use chocolate as a lead up to a bigger gift. Take a picture of a special treat (a location you plan to visit, for example) and cover it with plastic coating (mac tac works wonders). Artfully arrange chocolates on top, then caution your SO to eat only one a day. When they finish, they'll get a big clue as to your ultimate gift.

-- The ultimate in romantic chocolate ideas? A love note written in chocolate! You can use icing on a cake, or you can write a little "I love you" in chocolate syrup alongside a dessert made specially for them.

-- Create a chocolate recipe book (warning: ONLY do this if you have a significant other who really enjoys cooking. Otherwise, it might look like a hint!). Scour the internet for unique and intriguing chocolate recipes, print them out in fancy font, and create a special book. It never hurts to attach a box of chocolates, too -- just in case.

-- Make your own candy box! Most craft supply stores sell chocolate molds. Get some that express something special between you and your significant other, melt down some chocolate wafers from the grocery store, pour them into the molds, and let them cool. It's so easy anyone can do it, and it shows how much you care.

Stockpile these great ideas for the future. Remember, it doesn't have to be Valentine's Day for romantic chocolate ideas to come in handy.