Trendy Chocolate Drinks

We all know chocolate is good for you, and lately manufacturers of chocolate drinks have gotten on the chocolate-as-a-health-food kick in a big way.

Chocolate drinks aren't exactly something new. The Aztecs had their own variety of hot chocolate (flavored with chili peppers...mmmm) at least 500 years ago, and probably more like thousands. In fact, drinking was the only way to imbibe chocolate until the mid-1800s.

Claims regarding the health benefits of chocolate aren't unique either, despite the natural tendency to believe that something that tastes so good couldn't possibly be good for you, too. But a couple of trendy chocolate drinks (don't call 'em hot chocolate) are setting out to corner the healthy chocolate market.


It may look like coffee, the name may sound like coffee, and it may be as stimulating--but it's not coffee. Nor it is a mix of coffee and cocoa, like mocha latte; nope, this is pure chocolate. Just roasted and ground like coffee, then brewed the same way.

It deserves its own dedicated brewing machine, of course. After all, you don't want to be going around wondering, "Who put this chocolate in my coffee?" Or maybe, "Who put this coffee in my chocolate?" Or worse, both--which would be really confusing.

The inventors claim Choffy provides a day long-burst of energy "without the crash, jitters, or other negative effects of caffeine." At $15 per 12-ounce bag, it better. It does taste really, really good, and even better, it has only 20 calories and 3 grams of carbs per cup. And it's 100% cacao.

Cocoa? Well...

If the above sounds a bit uncertain, it's only because I'm making fun of the brand name. Seriously, CocoaWell is a chocolate drink making a big deal of the wonder of "nature's richest superfruit" (which cacao kind of is), with its mixture of pure organic Fair Trade cocoa and Pure Plant Flavonols.

Which makes it three times better than regular cocoa, at least! Anyhow, they tout it as the latest wonder drug, because apparently it helps control high blood pressure and lower cholesterol, provides cardiovascular protection, improves blood circulation, boosts immunity, leaps tall buildings at a single bound...

Bouncy, Bouncy

It seems this is a mix you can make smoothies out of. Yeah, I remember other drinks like that, and what they tasted like. In fact, I can still taste them. But you can get it in tablet form. CocoaWell I haven't tried, at a cool $20-30 per 8-oz container. If you have, let me know what it tastes like.

They say it contains 70% cacao, green tea extract, and something called Chocamine that will keep you energetic, alert, and focused all day. Maybe I'll buy some after all. I mean, it can't taste like all those other healthy whey-laden, trendy chocolate drinks just because you buy it at GNC...can it?