Treat Yourself to the Luxury of Chocolate Bath Gels

On the dinner table, in clothing, and now in the bathtub. Is there anywhere chocolate can't make a contribution?

The idea of chocolate bath gels may sound a little odd, but think about it -- if you've haunted these electronic halls long, you probably know by now that chocolate makes great soap, due to its high fat content. It's not such a big step from there to bath gels, is it?

You can purchase these gels in a variety of forms from several manufacturers, and all of them offer the sinfully sensuous suite of sensations that only chocolate can provide. But you don't have to buy it ready-made -- you can make it yourself, and it's easier than you might think.

For Washing, Not For Eating!

While you have to know the basics of soap making before you whip up a batch of chocolate soap, that's not the case with chocolate bath gels. All you need is a few simple ingredients and some willingness to make a little mess in your kitchen. Here's how it's done.

A half-cup of water
5-10 drops of chocolate fragrance oil
A teaspoon of cocoa powder (optional)
A half-cup of unscented shampoo
A package of unflavored gelatin

Boil the water on your stove, and then stir in the gelatin until it dissolves. Once you've removed the mixture from the heat, fold in the shampoo a little at a time. These three ingredients form the base of your chocolate bath gel. Finish it off by adding the cocoa powder (for exfoliation and scent), then the fragrance oil; mix thoroughly, and your elixir is complete. (You can leave out the cocoa powder if you prefer a smoother, less intense product).

Pour your creation into a clean bottle and allow it to thicken. Store it in your refrigerator between uses and make sure it's clearly marked, or someone's likely to try a taste.

Now wasn't that absurdly simple? Not only do you get some delicious chocolate bath gels out of the deal, your kitchen ends up smelling wonderful, and the clean-up is straightforward and easy.

Convert Your Friends

As an Extreme Chocolate fan, you're probably also a choco-evangelical (to coin a term). Well, you're in luck -- this cacao-scented bath gel makes it simple to spread the joy. If you're an enterprising soul, you can scale up this recipe and use it to make as big a batch as you can handle.

Just make sure you have plenty of containers on hand so can you bottle it immediately for distribution to your friends, family, and neighbors. Heck, why not hand it out to the mailman, or the meter reader, or the kid walking the neighbor's dog? Anybody can appreciate the value of chocolate bath gels.


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