Transform your Kitchen with Unusual Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bored of oatmeal raisin? Try this selection of unusual chocolate chip cookies ideas!

Why bother with unusual chocolate chip cookies when the original is so darn good? Well, sometimes you just hunger for change. Besides, the real chocolate extremists among us are always seeking ways to push the envelope -- to take our chocolate fixations just one step further. And this selection of ideas delivers in spades!

Unusual Additions

This is the crème de la crème of unusual chocolate chip cookies: strange and bizarre additions -- some obviously delicious, others specific to certain tastes. Experiment and find what you like, then perfect your own recipe!

Take your favorite basic chocolate chip cookie recipe and make them according to the recipe. Then add:

The "Everyone Will Love Them!"

-broken mint candies or candy canes
-chocolate caramels
-mini M&Ms
-peanut butter
-white, butterscotch, or peanut butter chocolate chips

The "Slightly More Adventurous!"

-candied cherries
-mashed banana
-maple or almond flavoring
-instant coffee

The "Not for the Faint of Heart!"

-chopped chili peppers
-chopped (raw) ginger
-various ground nuts

Messing With the Basics

If you're on the search for really unusual chocolate chip cookies -- so unusual that red peppers don't begin to cut it! -- then it's time to start messing with the basic recipe. You can try many different things to mix up the cookie itself. Here are just a few of the many ideas!

-Add cream cheese to a chocolate-chocolate chip cookie recipe

-Add a can of pumpkin puree in place of some liquid ingredients

-Try using cake mix with chocolate chips to create cookies. Experiment with different flavors -- spice cake mix is delicious, but strawberry cake mix works well too!

-Mix chocolate chips with non-traditional cookie recipes to create truly unusual chocolate chip cookies. For example, try combining chocolate chips into vanilla meringues, or baking them into sugar cookies.

-Melt down real chocolate (white or dark) and blend it right into the dough

Choose Your Own Adventure!

These are a couple of ideas for creating really unusual chocolate chip cookies -- cookies not afraid to step out of the cookie jar and cry, "Yes, here I am! Eat me!" But you probably have much better ideas kicking around your own kitchen -- or rattling around inside your head. Keep in mind that some of the best recipes are complete and utter accidents -- the result of too much of this or not enough of that.

Use your imagination! Remember: even unusual chocolate chip cookies are chocolate chip cookies in disguise.