The Top Five Strange Uses for Chocolate

Think you're creative? Check out these strange uses for chocolate!

Maybe you thought you'd cornered the market on strange uses for chocolate when you designed that chocolate birthday card, but think again! There are people out there with a lot of money, a lot of chocolate, and WAY too much time on their hands -- and they're responsible for creating some of the most bizarre chocolate concoctions you'll ever see.

Number Five: Chocolate Toothpaste

That's right: Close Up creates a high-fluoride chocolate flavored toothpaste to make your taste buds tingle while your teeth shine. It's a fantastic idea except for two things: either the stuff will have that horrible fluoride taste we all associate with the dentist (yuck!) or it'll taste great -- and you'll have kids gobbling down the entire tube!

Number Four: Chocolate Underwear

At the 1998 chocolate show in New York City, the strange uses for chocolate list received a new entry when a mannequin appeared wearing a chocolate corset complete with chocolate "feathers." This incredibly detailed piece nonetheless sounds like a bad idea: corsets are uncomfortable enough without having to worry about them melting!

Number Three: Chocolate Cars

At the 1999 Chocolate Passion Fair, Marc Debailleul unveiled his chocolate Mercedes Benz, a life size chocolate model. He assembled it in pieces and used 220 pounds of chocolate in its construction -- enough to feed a small country (or at least an NFL team). This detailed and accurate model took five people over a week to piece together!

Number Two: Chocolate Dress

Far more intricate than the aforementioned chocolate underwear, this chocolate dress is near the top of our strange uses for chocolate! Designer Paul Supplee took advantage of a "You Are What You Eat" themed fashion show to bring this design to life. Supplee created a full-length sheath dress constructed entirely from German chocolate -- a dress a real model wore in the show!

Number One: Acne Fighting Power!

Can you imagine -- a chocolate bar that cleans your skin? Borba creates an "ingestible" skin care line including a chocolate par that purports to clean your skin and reduce oil in your skin. Of course, I haven't seen anything to back up their claims, so you might want to think twice before dipping into your stash of Dairy Milks.

Whether it's clothing or model cars, one thing's for sure: people come up with strange uses for chocolate every day!