The Latest in Choco-Extremity: Chocolate Jewelry

Would you go so far as to wear chocolate jewelry? You can, you know

Have you ever considered the possibility of chocolate jewelry? Well, let me assure you, the fashionistas have.

Now, wearable chocolate is nothing new. Here, we see a cocoa-flavored dress dripping with milk and dark chocolate, presented confidently on the walkways of Paris and Milan. There, someone produces an honest-to-goodness chocolate brassiere. Now, isn't that interesting?

So maybe choco-jewelry is a trend whose time has come.

Good Stuff

Clothing and jewelry made from the fruit of the sacred cacao may be the ultimate in practical attire. After all, if you end up somewhere where you can't eat and your blood sugar crashes, you can just nibble on what you're wearing.

Of course, that might be an expensive snack, and they'll have to find a way to stabilize edible chocolate so that it won't melt due to body heat alone.

As you may know, the military learned how to do that decades ago, but the results tasted horrible...partly to keep the GIs from eating the chocolate rations and tossing everything else, and partly because of practical limitations.

Taking the Heat

Commercial chocolatiers have been experimenting with palatable high-temp chocolate recently, but the results have been mixed. Some of it tastes pretty good; some can handle body heat, but not the more extreme temperatures many of us experience during these exciting years of climate change.

The top purveyors of jewelry-grade chocolate claim that they'd conquered the melting issue (though they don't really comment much on flavor). Wendy Mahr Jewelers, which introduced the concept back in 2008, uses malted milk balls for the basis of their choco-jewelry.

Malted milk balls dusted with gold. Maybe that's the secret

It must work, because Mahr hails from Miami, which happens to lie in one of the warmest climates in the contiguous 48.

Wonderfully Appropriate

If you're thinking of those candy necklaces you loved so much back when you were a wee lass (or lad, for that matter), don't.

While you can indeed get chocolate necklaces, these are striking clusters or single pendants, set off by either a golden cord (for the kiddie version), a gold-filled chain (the adult pendant), or gold-filled wires and clasps for the Center of Attention Cluster.

The gold accents are, themselves, edible gold. The prices? Just $20, $50, and $85, respectively. You can also get chocolate earrings ($40) and a ring ($55).

Final Thoughts

Ms. Mahr and Co. have tested these items thoroughly in the Miami heat. They will not melt to goo on your chest, earlobes, or fingers, and they do not attract bugs. They do, however, present you with the occasional delightful whiff of fine chocolate!

Given the materials and the affordable prices, it's hard go wrong with chocolate jewelry.