The Interesting Option of Personalized Chocolate

Ever had personalized chocolate with your name on it? Now you can, and your name doesn't even have to be Hershey or Nestle

Oddly enough, the concept of personalized chocolate is one that doesn't seem to occur to most people -- which makes it more extreme, in its way, than chocolate-covered Pop Rocks and chocolate sauerkraut cake. But it shouldn't be, if you'd just give it a little thought.

Your Name in Lights... or Darks

While chocolate isn't an especially forgiving medium, obviously the technology exists for pressing text into our favorite ambrosia. We've all seen brand names stamped into chocolate bars. All it takes is a special mold or, for that matter, some moveable type. And we've had printing presses since the 1600s.

Even before the computerized printing revolution, you could very easily have someone create embossed or engraved personalized cards for you, whether for purposes of business or pleasure. So how hard can it be to print your name in chocolate?

Those are the kind of personalized cards I could really get behind. The big issue, I suppose, would be from keeping your chocolate cards from melting in your briefcase; but of course, they're doing miraculous things with miniaturization these days. Hmmm...

The Printer's Art

Speaking of modern technology, obviously candy manufacturers figured out how to print text on candy with edible inks long ago. Just take a look at a few candy hearts or M&Ms, and you'll see what I mean.

Speaking of that, did you hear about the blonde who got fired from her job in the quality control department at the M&Ms factory? She kept throwing out all the ones with W's on them.

Budump-dump. I'm here till Tuesday, folks.

Financial Lubrication

The point is, why not have someone print your name, or that of your favorite giftee, on some candy for your next special gift or event? For that matter, inkjet technology allows candy makers to even print photographs and other images onto blank candy.

All it takes to create personalized candy, for whomever or whatever, is the liberal application of money...and the truth is, it's not as expensive as you might think. M&M Mars will be happy to create 7-oz bags of personalized M&Ms for as little as $12 a bag, or $14 with art -- $130 and $150 for five pounds' worth.

You can find plenty of other confectioners who'll do very much the same with non-branded candies. Just Google "personalized candy" on line.

Text-free Personalization

If it happens that you don't care for your candy to actually have art or text on it, but still want to go the personalized route, plenty of vendors will create personalized boxes, tins, and even candy wrappers for you. In fact, it's easier and often cheaper to get your personalized chocolate in that format!