Spectacular Chocolate Desserts

Indulge your inner gourmet with amazing chocolate desserts

Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, special birthdays -- what occasion doesn't deserve beautiful chocolate desserts? And if you're a real chocolate connoisseur, not just any chocolate dessert will do: you demand the best, the most extravagant, the most lavish and richly presented chocolate desserts in existence!

Fortunately, you're not alone. There are others out there who crave gourmet chocolate desserts, and we've found just the place for you to find them: Vosges Haut Chocolate.

Strange? Yes. Delicious? Absolutely!

You may have heard of Vosges, but you probably don't know about all of their extreme chocolate desserts. For example, have you ever heard of a mini candybar library? What about "exotic" flavored truffles? Vosges makes all kinds of unique, interesting, and -- of course -- delicious chocolates to feed your inner gourmet.

Vosges prides itself on producing high quality, high priced, gourmet chocolate. They offer a wide variety of chocolate desserts, bars, and candies, but some of our favorites include:

-the chocolate flying pig -- a solid chocolate figure stuffed with... bacon? Yup, you've got it! Who puts bacon in chocolate? Well, someone must enjoy it, because it's one of their bestsellers.

-chocolate flaming hearts -- exactly what they sound like, this wide variety of chocolate hearts contain superhot Mexican chile peppers. Makes your mouth water -- and your eyes, and your nose....

-bianca cookies -- cookies always make excellent chocolate desserts. Even a bad chocolate cookie is, well, good. But these ones go beyond the ordinary, containing such ingredients as lavender flowers and lemon myrtle -- along with a hefty dose of white chocolate and coconut. Yum!

-red velvet mini party cakes -- this has to be the ultimate in gourmet chocolate desserts. These beautiful cakes (they look more like pillar candles than food) contain red chocolate cake (yes, red), cream cheese icing, and organic pecans. They taste almost as good as they look -- if such a thing is possible.

-red fire chocolate covered tortilla chips -- more chiles for those of you hunting for, shall we say, spicy chocolate desserts. These are delicious tortilla chips coated in dark chocolate and dusted with peppers. A hint of spice, a smack of rich sweetness, and a burst of salty crunch -- could this be the perfect snack food?

Whether you're a gourmet or a little more mundane, Vosges has perfect chocolate desserts for every palate.