Songs About Chocolate

We humans tend to sing about the things we like, so it's only fitting that there are some interesting songs about chocolate out there.

While songs about chocolate aren't nearly as common as songs about fast cars, rainbows, and love, there are plenty of them out there in PopCulture World, and they come (figuratively) in all flavors of the genre. In this article, we'll introduce you to five of our favorites.

I believe in miracles!

Before we regale you with our favorite X-choc hits, allow us to honor those bands who were wise enough to provide themselves with chocolate-flavored names, even if they never actually used the ambrosia in their lyrics. Often, the term "chocolate" was used because the band-members were of African descent.

That was certainly the case for British pop group Hot Chocolate, who had a big hit in 1975 with "You Sexy Thing." Then there was the disco band Ndugu Chancler and the Chocolate Jam Co. from the same era. They may not have sung any actual songs about chocolate, but they had a smooth, rich sound.

Then there's the Uruguayan cumbia band Chocolate, who were a huge success in South America in the early part of this decade. They never made it big in the US, since cumbia never took off here, but they earned several gold and platinum disks before they broke up in 2002.


As for songs about chocolate, we're especially fond of "Chocolate on My Tongue," a folksy tale of life's small pleasures by roots rockers The Woods Brothers. It's a bluesy riff about enjoying life and getting messy with some chocolate ice cream.

We absolutely love "The Chocolate Song," a rollicking ditty about the joys of chocolate and unrelenting chocoholism, which comes to us from Newfoundland and the wicked imaginations of Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers. If they're not already a natural treasure in Canada, they should be. Listen to it here.

Then there's "Chocolate Rain," which is hard to categorize. Released in 2007, it's a mesmerizing song by baritone Tay Zonday, a grad student who wrote and performed it himself on YouTube. It's more a song about deep racism than a song about chocolate, despite the name. Check it out here.

The Aussie Entries

We have two Aussie entries on our list today. First up is "Chocolate," a hip-hop influenced hit by the stylish Kylie Minogue. Then comes the rockin' "You Treat Me Like Chocolate," by 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, which is probably best known for having actor Russell Crowe as a member.

We like both of these songs, but we must have missed the point somehow, because they seem to be more about kissing and hugging and such than anything else. Must be some of that "metaphorical" stuff we've heard about, because these surely aren't just songs about chocolate!