Scrub-a-Dub With Homemade Chocolate Soap

You might think that taking chocolate into the bathtub with you is a little too extreme, but it's not. In fact, chocolate makes for some great soaps.

Some people say there are some things that chocolate can't do, but I'm here to prove them wrong. And here's one way I'm going to do that: with not just one, but two recipes for chocolate soap. That's right: soap made with chocolate.


If the whole idea of chocolate soap sounds überweird to you, consider this reality: soap is mostly made of congealed fats (yummy) with a little lye mixed in. And by lye I mean the caustic chemical sodium hydroxide, and not the desperate little tale you told your parents when you didn't get home from the prom 'til 6 AM.

Need I remind you that chocolate and its golden pal, cocoa butter, are mostly made up of congealed fats? Needless to say, once gentled with lye, chocolate makes fine soap. It seems almost a shame not to eat it, but that's the way the cocoa crumbles.

Today, I've got two recipes for chocolate soap for you to try. Remember, don't forget yourself and take a bite -- the lye kind of puts the flavor off.

One warning before you start: you need to know the basics of soapmaking before you try this. Because of space restraints, I'm not going to go into that here. There are many, many books and websites out there that can get you started.


8 ounces of shortening
6 ounces of coconut oil
2 ounces of olive oil
2.34 ounces of lye
6 ounces of water
1/4 ounce of unsweetened baking chocolate
2 ounces of white chocolate

Melt all the fats together, then add in the chocolates and let it cool. Meanwhile, stir in the lye into water until it has dissolved completely. Once the fats mixtures has cooled to 100 degrees, thoroughly mix in the lye/water mixture.

Pour the mix into a blender, and blend it on low for 20 seconds.

Pour out the mixture into your soap molds. The mix will first turn light, and then dark, and it'll end up smelling like Devil's Food cake. Yum!


10 ounces of shortening
4 ounces of coconut oil
2 ounces of olive oil
2.24 ounces of lye
6 ounces of distilled water
3 tablespoons of cocoa powder
2 droppers of peppermint essential oil

With the exception of one ounce of olive oil, melt together all the oils. Let it cool. Meanwhile, mix the water and lye together. One the oils mixture is below 100 degrees, add the lye/water solution.

Blend the held-back olive oil and cocoa together, along with the peppermint oil, then pour it into the soap mixture. The pour the mixture into your molds and let it age for three weeks before use.

There you have it: homemade chocolate soap in two varieties. If you get really ambitious, just remember: chocolate nibs make good scrubbies if you add them to the main soap mix.