About Russian Chocolate Gifts

Why Russian chocolate gifts are so special

At one time in Russian history, Russian chocolate gifts were only appropriate for the Tzars and Tsarinas of Imperial Russia, --only the finest for the 'royalty' of the day.

No one else could afford Russian chocolate gifts, anyway.

Russian chocolate gifts were exquisitely made from only the finest of natural ingredients, and with a very high cocoa content, and they were such a prized delicacy that they were reserved for the Russian elite. The common people may not have even known of the existence of Russian chocolate gifts.

Eventually ,Russian chocolate gifts became more available and more commonplace.

During the Soviet era, Russian consumption was up to an average of about 8 kg per person per year.

Today, Russians still consume 2-3 kg of chocolate each per year, and in spite of the fact that 82% of the Russian population lives in poverty, they still manage to spend the equivalent of $16-18 US per year on chocolate.

Today, Russian chocolate gifts are a delicacy the world over. If you love chocolate, you will love Russian chocolate gifts!

There are two major centers of chocolate production and Russian chocolate gifts in Russia -- Moscow and St Petersburg.

From individually wrapped pieces of hand-made dark, bittersweet chocolate with fillings to the classic European-style chocolate 'bars' -- which come in boxed sets as well as individual -- Russian chocolate gifts are hugely popular throughout Europe... and becoming increasingly so in the USA.