A New Frontier for Chocoholics: Chocolate Makeup!

Want to have your chocolate and wear it, too? Try chocolate makeup!

When we talk about chocolate makeup, we don't mean those mint-chocolate lipsmackers you buy in the drug store! In the past, chocolate makeup has usually meant a cheap concoction smelling of poorly made sweets. These days, however, chocolate makeup has become a worldwide phenomenon -- not to mention something no true chocolate lover can do without.

There are many different brands marketing chocolate beauty products. Here are some of the best!

1. Estee Lauder's Origins Cocoa Therapy

The Cocoa Therapy line uses essential oils, cacao beans, and dark chocolate to produce a set of luxury bath products including body scrubs and moisturizing lotions. These products contain natural vitamins and antioxidants to make your skin feel as good as you do when you gobble chocolate down!

2. Jaqua

Like Origins, Jaqua limits its chocolate makeup to bath products. Still, it's worth checking out their mint chocolate luscious lotion, a delicious (figuratively speaking, of course) concoction of cocoa oils and fragrant mint.

3. Aqua Dessa

Who wouldn't want to slather their face in Belgian hot fudge? If you've always wanted that experience, check out Aqua Dessa's Hot Fudge Antioxidant Facial Mask. And if celebrity endorsement matters to you, keep in mind that this was a huge hit in the 2005 Oscar gift bags!

4. Too Faced

If you secretly kind of liked that chocolate-mint lipsmacker you had in the ninth grade, Too Faced has the product for you! Their take on chocolate makeup involves a super-smooth lip balm that gently colors and softens your lips. Besides, with a name like "Chocolate Bunny Milk Chocolate," who could resist? You might also think about Too Faced's "candy lips" collection, which features prominent chocolate flavors too.

5. 100% Pure

100% Pure makes a treat that sounds, well, good enough to eat: White Chocolate Butter Body Scrub! Imagine slathering yourself with creamy swirls of white chocolate... it somehow seems cleaner than dark chocolate, doesn't it?

6. Philip B

If other chocolate makeup seems like an indulgence, Philip B's Chocolate Milk Body Wash targets the child in us all! Let chocolaty bubbles surround you and carry you back to a day when the word "calories" wasn't even part of your vocabulary.

Whether you want to smell like chocolate all the time or you're just looking for an occasional fix, chocolate makeup is the wave of the future for chocoholics around the world!