New Tree Chocolates: Can These Little Delights Affect Your Mood?

Our taste test of New Tree Chocolates named Tranquility, Vigor, Forgiveness and Cocoon

Can a chocolate bar make you feel tranquil? Renewed? Sexy? Beautifully packaged little chocolate bars from New Tree Chocolates promise just that, so I recently conducted an unscientific taste test to determine if these chocolates could transport me into biologically-ignited moods, after a few delicious bites.

Delicious is the operative word here, because New Tree Chocolates are delicious. All of their dark chocolate bars boast 73 percent cocoa, so that could explain the high you feel after eating New Tree. The milk chocolate bars contain 33 percent cocoa.

An Infusion of Flavors

Available in gourmet food stores including Whole Foods, a gift pack of 18 mini-bars like the one I received retails for $24.90, but you can also buy mini-bars in packages of three for $2.86, or a regular-sized single bar for $4.84. They are packaged in distinctive white wrappers, with different colored bars for each name -- Tranquility, Vigor, Sexy, and so on.

In addition to the cocoa base, each New Tree chocolate is infused with specific ingredients that the company claims can help to alter your mood -- among them, lavender, black currant, ginger, lemon, bitter orange, cinnamon, coffee, lime blossoms, cactus, and guarana.

In this first installment of two articles about New Tree Chocolates, I'll recap my reaction to four of the eight bars. In my next installment, I'll finish off the whole package.


I tasted the Tranquility bar first, being in desperate need of something calming and tranquil. It was milk chocolate, a little sweeter than I would prefer, but with a slight taste (or was it smell?) of lavender. I wasn't able to taste lime blossom, also one of its ingredients, but the lavender taste was there. Did I feel tranquil? Not necessarily, but I felt happy. Happy to have this assignment, to be perfectly honest with you.


The Forgiveness bar was my next choice, perhaps because subconsciously, I wanted to be forgiven for eating so much chocolate. This bar is distinguished by a yellow bar on the white packaging and is flavored with lemon and natural extracts of cactus. I loved this bar because it is one of the dark chocolate choices and because it had a hint of lemon flavor to it. That's the case with all of the New Tree Chocolates -- added flavors aren't overwhelming and are more like a “note” on the tongue, sometimes a slight aftertaste. I didn't feel any different after trying this one, but I forgave myself for overeating during the Thanksgiving holidays. Does that count?


I tried the Vigor bar the following morning, because this bar contains coffee. Of all the New Tree Chocolates, this one tasted the most pure, with a distinctive coffee-mocha taste. The Vigor bar seemed less sweet than the others, more bittersweet, which is something I happen to like. New Tree says that the Vigor bar also contains extracts of guarana, a fruit that grows in the Amazon and produces seeds that contain three times as much caffeine as the coffee bean. No wonder I cleaned out a couple of closets that day!


One of the best blends in the chocolate universe is that of cinnamon and chocolate, something many of us enjoy in a warm cup of cocoa or in a mocha latte sprinkled with cinnamon. This was my reaction biting into New Tree's Cocoon, a milk chocolate with natural cinnamon flavor and soy germ extract. According to New Tree Chocolates, Cocoon provides the recommended daily dose of soy isoflavones, which are believed to help fight disease, balance our hormones and stimulate the formation of our bones. Any menopausal woman could tell you that this is the perfect formula for a good day, or at least a good couple of hours. After a couple of bars of Cocoon, I curled up on the couch with a good book and a warm pair of slippers on my feet.

Please click here for Part Two of of my review of New Tree Chocolates, when I introduce you to more “moods."