My Chocolate-y Reading List, Part III...Delicious Chocolate Books

Ready for another batch of chocolate books to read? We've got five more for you right here

Back again, with another installment of our chocolate-y reading list -- a set of the sweetest literature ever to hit the shelves. By this we mean books with chocolate in the title and as a major theme, of course.

As always, easily get these books online, and you can usually find them in your local bookstore, too. And remember -- also as always, these books just barely represent all the books about chocolate that you can find out there.

Sink your teeth into these

For this little reading list, we've brought together two chocolate craft books, a kid's non-fiction book about chocolate, a book of juvenile fiction, and a chocolate-based novel (of which there are many). As before with Chocolate-y Reading List Part I and Part II, we continued the numbering from the previous post in this series.

11. Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot, by Margot Theis Raven

This book falls in the children's fiction category. Based on the real-life story of American pilot Lt. Gail Halvorsen, who dropped chocolate candy for the children stranded in West Berlin during the Berlin Airlift of 1948-1949, and a young girl who befriends him. It's a good representation of how children were affected by the events of the Cold War.

12. Smart About Chocolate: A Sweet History by Sandra Markle

Next up on our reading list is a fun children's book detailing the history of chocolate, written for little kids (ages 4-8). It includes a variety of facts about chocolate, stretching all the way back to the Mayans, and also offers recipes and a bibliography of recommended books about our favorite ambrosia.

13. Julia's Chocolates by Cathy Lamb

Fictional account starting after Julia runs away from an abusive fiancé, she settles down in a small town with her aunt and becomes famous for her skill at making chocolate. The book is an excellent character study of how chocolate, good friends, and supportive family can help a flawed person mend her life.

14. Making Artisan Chocolates, by Andrew Garrison Shotts

Interested in making incredible chocolates in your own kitchen? In this next reading list entry, pastry chef Drew Shotts, a man who knows chocolate like no one else, shows you exactly how to make your own special artisan varieties. He'll guide you through everything from tempering to adding herbs, spices, and chilies to specialty chocolates to bring out the flavors.

15. Chocolate Decorations, by Jean-Pierre Wybauw

In this sinfully delicious book, Wybauw -- known as "Mr. Chocolate" in the chocolate industry -- takes the reader on a journey through all the ways you can use everyone's favorite comfort food in decorative fashion while baking or candymaking.

We hope you've enjoyed this latest adventure into the literature of chocolate. If it's not quite enough, don't worry -- there are plenty more to come. We'll return with yet another edition of the chocolate-y reading list as there are tons of chocolate books out there!