Make Your Own Chocolate, Right From the Beans!

Try something new and exciting: make your own chocolate!

When you think about how to make your own chocolate, you probably imagine pouring prepared and melted chocolate pieces into molds. But that's not making chocolate: that's melting it and reshaping it. Believe it or not, you can make your own chocolate in your very own kitchen. The result is a misshapen, delicious lump perfect for eating on its own or blending in milk to make cocoa.

Working with Chocolate

The real chocolate lover will have to try making chocolate at some point. Sure, it's a process to make your own chocolate, but it's worth the effort in the end. You'll need a food processor, dried cocoa beans (either roasted or raw -- if they're raw, you'll have to roast them yourself), superfine sugar, and cinnamon.

If you need to roast the beans, spread them in a single layer on a skillet and slow roast them for about 30 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove them from heat and let them cool until they won't burn you. Then, rub them between your hands to remove the skin.

Heat the food processor by running the bowl and blade under very hot water and drying thoroughly. Process the cocoa beans until they begin to look a bit oily. Slowly add the sugar and cinnamon, continuing to process until it forms a lumpy mess. Store in a tightly covered jar. When you make your own chocolate, you shouldn't expect it to look like you purchased it at the supermarket. That's just fine: it will taste delicious just the same.

If you're really determined about this, you can transfer the mix to a warm mortar and pestle and grind it by hand for about half an hour. It will begin to stick together, and you can form it into bars.

Sharing the Joy

The best part of learning to make your own chocolate is sharing it with family and friends. Tell people you ground their cocoa from cocoa beans and you're sure to get a double take. Go ahead, let them think it takes more effort than it does!

But the best rush of all comes from knowing you've participated in a process used from time immemorial. Chocolate is centuries old. As long as the cocoa bean's existed, people have used it to form delicious treats. So go ahead, enjoy! Learn how to make your own chocolate and take your chocolate expertise to a whole new level!