It's Easy to Create Your Own Chocolate!

Want to create your own chocolate candy? Go for it -- you don't even have to use your kitchen!

What Chocolate Extremo hasn't wanted to create their own chocolate bar at one time or another -- a culinary signature, if you will? Well, even if you haven't, I have, and unfortunately some other crafty chocolate lover beat me to the punch on developing the idea.

Feast your eyes on Chocri custom chocolates.

Chocolate Heaven

I think I can safely say, as one X-Choc fan to another, that you'll love this site. There's just so much neat stuff you can do. Once you choose your chocolate, you can pour all kinds of things into it, from fruits and spices to nuts, confections, grains of various types, and little decorative items like candy stars and flowers.

I have to say, though, that there's a notable lack of the more extreme options of the sort that you and I might prefer. Not that it isn't way cool and all, but there are certain items I would prefer to see, starting with more than four types of chocolate. However, I'm pretty sure they're working on this.

For now, though, you can't mix and match just anything. For example, bacon or sauerkraut aren't yet options, and you know as well as I do (if you read this site much) that some people make pretty tasty bacon and sauerkraut chocolate items. (Chocolate haggis, too.)

Your Total Comes To...

As you might expect, this is not the least expensive form of chocolate ever.

Here's my experience. My personalized 3.5 ounce chocolate bar, which I dubbed Bubba's Revenge, consists of dark chocolate (72% cocoa content) with admixtures of apple bits, pineapple cubes, basil, roasted cashews, and, yes, even nougat pieces. I love nougat.

I wanted to add a marzipan rose and organic mint leaves, but alas, only six choices are allowed. As it was, that mixture, which I imagine would be very interesting if I dared to eat it, came to a total of $12.20 per bar. (You can order as many as you like). And that was before the shipping, which came to $6.


Despite my concerns above, I don't want to deter you from trying Chocri's custom chocolate service. This is most definitely a work in progress, and we want it to continue to progress, so spend money freely on your own creations!

If nothing else, this makes for an excellent gift for the chocolate lover; and seriously, if you you're less extravagant than I (and less weird), you can get the price of your bars down to about ten bucks. If you buy enough of them, the shipping price evens out.

So what are you waiting for? Go create your own chocolate, people!