If You're a Real Chocoholic, You'll Love this Chocolate Room

Haven't you ever wanted to live inside a chocolate bar? Check out Godiva's chocolate room!

Godiva Chocolatier is known for its outrageous Valentine's chocolates, but they've never made a chocolate room before -- until now! Godiva's 2008 chocolate promotion involves not only a chocolate room but a chocolate suite!

The way it works: Godiva has constructed a lavish suite made entirely of chocolate. The walls are chocolate, the color schemes are chocolate, the chandelier is chocolate, the candelabras are chocolate, and... well, you get the idea!

Waaay Beyond Paint Color

The row of bookshelves contains volumes of not literature but -- you guessed it -- chocolate truffles. Even the fireplace, logs, and candles are chocolate (you probably shouldn't light them), and the easy chairs are life-sized chocolate creations. There's just enough non-chocolate furniture to keep you from sinking into a gooey mess, but never fear: in addition to this chocolate room, Godiva has provided a lavish buffet of chocolate desserts and truffles.

As fascinating as a chocolate room is, the chocolate artwork is even more so! Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" and a Jackon-Pollock abstract have met their match at the hands of Godiva's chocolate artists, who have reinterpreted the paintings entirely in chocolate. Enjoy the artwork for its own merits -- and when you get sick of it, gobble it up.

The chocolate room is part of Godiva's huge Valentine's promotion. As fascinating as the idea of your own chocolate palace sounds, this is a promotion, so it's all based around Godiva's Valentine's chocolate packages. You purchase a gift box and enter the sweepstakes, and if you're really lucky, you find yourself in New York City surrounded by everyone's favorite indulgence.

You have to hand it to Godiva: they don't just put you up in a chocolate suite, they go all out to give you an ultimate chocolate experience. Other activities for the lucky winners include chocolate tasting (you know, in case eating the walls isn't enough for you), a chocolate spa experience, and a year's supply of Godiva chocolate (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, anyone?).

This year's Godiva spokesperson is television actress and fellow chocoholic Ali Larter, who you might recognize from the TV show Heroes. Larter freely admits that chocolate pearls are her daily indulgence, a welcome change from celebrities who advocate starvation as a method of weight control.

So if you're a real chocoholic -- the type who can't live without your very own chocolate room -- check out the Godiva website and see if it's not too late to win!