How About Some Chocolate Potato Sticks?

So, you've never tasted chocolate potato sticks? Well, then, you're missing out!

If you've ever enjoyed the gooey crunchiness of potato chip brownies (as featured here, a few weeks back), you'll understand the attraction of chocolate potato sticks. The potato itself is a fairly bland addition that goes well enough with chocolate, but the real treat is the salty tang they impart.

Clearly, the lesson is that potato chips and chocolate go well together, even if Reese's isn't likely to market Potato Butter Cups anytime soon. Nevertheless, let's take another cruise on the good ship Crunchewy, and look at what it has to offer the discerning chocolate extremist this time. Shall we?

Salty + Sweet = Divine

Salty and sweet might not be an obvious combination, but like chocolate and sauerkraut, chocolate potato sticks actually work out pretty well. Not everyone will like them, but then again not everyone likes dark chocolate either -- something we just barely comprehend.

Of course, we have a recipe for your approval. This is a great recipe for an X-choc fan, because really, it's less extreme than it looks. Not only is it easier to prepare than you'd think, we guarantee you'll find the results astonishingly easy to eat.

On to the recipe!

Mostly what you need to make chocolate potato sticks is patience, because you'll have to melt several different chocolates together. We've gone on and on about tempering chocolate in other articles, but since you're probably not a professional chocolatier, today we'll show you an easier way to melt your ambrosia.


12 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate chips
12 ounces of milk chocolate chips
Two pounds of finely chopped white chocolate, or pure white chocolate chips
Five 5-ounce packages of potato sticks


The first step in creating your incomparable chocolate potato sticks is to melt your chocolates together. If you'd prefer not to temper the chocolate, then just melt it on the stove in a double broiler, or toss it in a big bowl and melt it in the microwave.

If you use your stovetop, melt it very slowly until you're able to stir it together into a smooth mixture, and avoid getting water into the melt. If you use the microwave, mix the chocolate together in a large bowl and heat it for one minute on High. Stir it thoroughly, then repeat as often as necessary until the chocolate mixture is completely smooth.

Let the chocolate cool for five minutes; meanwhile, cover several cookie sheets with waxed paper. Then stir the potato sticks into the chocolate mixture, which should be pretty gooey by now. Use a tablespoon to drop clusters of coated potato sticks onto the wax paper you prepared earlier, then let them cool thoroughly. Once they're cool, you can remove them from the waxed paper, wrap them up, and store them in the refrigerator. They'll keep about a week.

If want only a few of these delicacies, you can scale back the recipe easily. As it stands it'll make about seven dozen (N=84) chocolate potato stick candies.