How About a Whiff of Inhalable Chocolate?

Talk about your guiltless candy: inhalable chocolate tastes great and has virtually no calories!

Inhalable chocolate may sound like a joke, but we checked carefully: none of the reports are headlined April 1, and as it turns out, the whole concept was invented by a real Harvard professor of biochemical engineering, one David Edwards. It was even reported on in the Gray Lady herself, the New York Times.

Just thought we'd get that out of the way first, before you start guffawing.

Oh, Come Now.

Hey, that's what we said. We like to think that those of us here at Extreme Chocolate are pretty open-minded about all the things people can and will do with chocolate, from rolling around in the spew from crashed chocolate syrup trucks to paying $25,000 for a one-of-a-kind chocolate dessert.

Oh, and let's not forget chocolate haggis and chocolate sauerkraut cake, among hundreds of other extremities we've reported on over the years. But come on. Chocolate delivered by an inhaler sounds like something from a sci-fi movie.

Apparently, though, it's the real thing.

Le Whif

The new chocolate inhaler on the block is known as Le Whif. According to the aforementioned Dr. Edwards, it's an aerosol delivery system that lets you experiment with "eating by breathing" by dusting chocolate particles onto your tongue, so you experience the taste without all those pesky calories.

So basically, it's an asthma inhaler with cocoa powder in it. Not that this is a bad thing, but the whole "eating by breathing" thing seems a little silly, since a) it's not like chewing is terribly hard work; b) the amount of nutrition delivered is negligible; c) this is obviously just a whiffable candy.

Cool gimmick, though! It's easy to imagine picking up the occasional Le Whif for that much-needed chocolate flavor when you just don't have the time to chew, assuming they're not stupid and can keep the price down. Unfortunately, logic hasn't yet reared its ugly head: individual inhalers go for $2 and up so far.

To Chocolate, and Beyond!

Le Whif has proven popular in recent tests (beginning with those naturally snooty Parisians), and is selling so-so so far. (Subtle hint to manufacturers: lower the price.) That's not bad for chocolate-flavored air. It's supposed to offer up to four puffs per tube, but apparently two will empty it.

Speaking of flavors, right now they're limited to plain chocolate, mint chocolate, raspberry chocolate, and mango chocolate, which by all accounts tastes like what it's supposed to. Shortly after it hit the market, Le Whif went for another rabid dedicated culinary specialty crowd with coffee-flavored Le Whif.

Okay, so let's cut to the chase. Give it to us straight, man. Now that we've got inhalable chocolate, what's next?