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You know, Jamaican hot chocolate is one of those recipes that wonderfully illustrates chocolate's incredible versatility, and our human willingness to experiment with this natural ambrosia. Oh, and it's mighty tasty, too.

If you've tried it, you'll understand where I'm coming from. If you haven't, then keep this in mind: as a true extremo who's tried chocolate in hundreds of dishes and combinations, from all over this world, my very enthusiasm ought to be a hint that it's worth testing for yourself.

Tsokolate is one of those things we can thank the Spanish for, at least in an oblique sense. It was they who spread the exotic Central American drink called xocolatl to all corners of their far-flung empire -- including the Philippines, a large cluster of islands between Asia and Australia.

Once there, of course, it was Pinoy ingenuity that helped it evolve into the unique variant of hot chocolate that it is today. Hang tight and we'll tell you all about it.