The History of Chocolate Chip Cookies

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If we want to understand the history of chocolate chip cookies, we need to first look at the history of cookies more generally.

A Brief History of Cookies

The word 'cookie' is derived from the Dutch word 'koekje', which meant "small or little cake." The word 'biscuit' (which is what a cookie is called in some countries) comes from the Latin phrase 'bis coctum', which means, "twice baked."

Apparently, the first historic record of 'cookies' was describing their use as 'test cakes.' What happened was a small amount of cake batter was baked once in order to test the temperature of the oven. Then rather than waste the batter, it was baked again along with the larger (apparently more preferred) cake, and it would often come out crispy.

However, before the end of the 14th century in Europe, cookies were appreciated in their own right, and could be bought.

Before the end of the 17th century, cookies were an established epicurean delight on both sides of the Atlantic, and had begun to be embellished with extras -- like almonds and various spices.

The indispensable cookie had taken its place in the cupboards (and hearts!) of Americans.

Now, Onto the History of Chocolate Chip Cookies...

In about 1930, a dietitian who owned a tourist lodge was cooking and baking for her guests (and her skill was already widely known!).

Unfortunately, she ran out of the baker's chocolate she needed for the chocolate cookies that were on the menu. She hurriedly substituted a chocolate bar -- cut up into tiny pieces -- assuming they would melt. They didn't -- they just softened, instead.

And the chocolate chip cookie was born.

This history of chocolate chip cookies is still alive today, because that woman struck a deal with the manufacturer of the particular chocolate bar she'd used that day: he would print her recipe on his chocolate bar labels, and she would have a lifetime supply of them... which was a good thing because those cookies sure became popular in a hurry!

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