Glorify in Your Chocolate Obsession!

If you've got a chocolate obsession, don't try to hide it. Flaunt it to the world!

It can be a hard life, laboring under a chocolate obsession. Well... okay, maybe not. As fixations go, it's not exactly horrible to be intensely attracted to the fruit of the cacao, with its creamy richness and stimulating tang. There's a reason the name translates to "Food of the Gods" in Greek.

It's a gentle madness, perhaps; and there are so many things you can do to celebrate such a chocolate fixation, even without eating the ambrosia. For one thing, you can check Extreme Chocolate regularly... but I don't have to tell you that! And here are a few other things to consider.

Dyeing for Chocolate

Back in 2005, when Your Humble Writer sojourned briefly in the tropical paradise of Honolulu, Hawaii, I came across a little shop called Crazy Shirts, which specialized in dyeing clothing in... well, untraditional substances.

For example, they used the violently orange volcanic clay of Oahu for one dye, and that worked pretty well. Then there was wine, and Blue Hawaii cocktails. But the most exciting stuff they used was, of course, chocolate. They still do it today.

Making It Last

The best thing about chocolate-dyed shirts is that they smell awesomely like chocolate. Can you imagine wearing an outfit that smells like that all the time? What a treat... so apropos for those of us for whom choco-extremity is a way of life!

The bad news is that while the medium brown chocolate color is fast, the scent is not. It'll fade within a half-dozen washings. However, there are ways to make it last longer. You can store the item of clothing in a plastic bag to hold in the scent between wearings, and perhaps spritz it with chocolate perfume occasionally.

Ideally, you could try to re-dye it in chocolate... but unless you're feeling really extreme and experimental, it's best to leave the trade secrets to the pros.


Here's another non-caloric way to celebrate your love of chocolate: confectionary giant Hershey's has been offering mugs, T-shirts, and chocolate-scented lotions as a way to encourage their candy sales... and now they're moving into electronic chocolate candy replicas.

How would you like a USB flash drive that mimics a Mr. Goodbar or a good, honest Hershey's milk chocolate bar, and holds up to 4 gigabytes of info? You can have that, though they're the size of those little bars you get in the assortment bags rather than the standard size (flash drives are tiny).

They also have drives that mimic Hershey's Kisses for your data-storage needs, and they haven't neglected the auditory, either. They make sweet little Kiss earphones, and slightly larger Kiss speakers for your mp3 player. Now, who wouldn't want some of those to fuel their chocolate obsession?