Extreme Chocolate Products for the Discerning Palate

In the enduring tradition of mixing chocolate with anything edible to see what happens, we've got three extreme chocolate products for you to consider.

Given the chocolatier's tendency to mix any old thing with chocolate, there's no lack of extreme chocolate products for us cacao lovers to experiment with. On this site, we've happily provided you with reviews and recipes for such things for years now.

But humans are endlessly inventive with chocolate, so the parade continues! Here are a few interesting items we haven't covered before. If they're not all new, they're definitely newish. Each has its charms, so start buying and dig right in!

Chocolate Cheerios

General Mills has finally yielded to temptation and infused their famous oat-flavored donut seeds with the fruit of the cacao, and about time. It's not the first chocolate-flavored cereal by far, but not until now have you been able to enjoy a rich burst of choco-ness with that grainy Cheerios goodness.

So okay, this isn't a terribly extreme form of chocolate invention, but c'mon: chocolate Cheerios. At the least, it's great comfort food. Your Humble Writer finds that they taste good in milk, but they work well as a crunchy, dry snack too. And hey, they're low in fat and cholesterol, so what's not to love?

Brix Chocolate

These chocolate chunks are formulated to complement wines--because, according to the hoopla, no existing chocolate paired well with wines until heart doctor Nick Proia got ahold of the idea.

Dr. Proia realized that chocolate, with its disease-fighting antioxidants, is healthier than all those fat-laden cheeses people traditionally eat with wines. Plus, it adds to the antioxidant powers of red wine itself. So he searched the world until he found a number of chocolates that paired well with various wines.

People assure me that these chocolates taste really good with the right wines. Not being an oenophile (that's Latin for "wine snob"), Yours Truly really can't tell the difference. But I can say that the chocolates themselves are extremely divine, if you don't mind paying almost $40 for eight ounces at a time.

Of course, that's part of what makes the Brix experience extreme -- and the chocolate's worth it.

Chez Hachez Ginger Pepper Bark Bar

I suspect, sometimes, that new chocolate concoctions rise when people reach blindly into the pantry and/or spice rack and pull out whatever comes to hand. That may be the case here: this gourmet chocolate bar consists of milk chocolate blended with whole peppercorns and ginger chunks.

Well, okay. I happen to like pepper and ginger in their places... and needless to say, I love chocolate, even milk chocolate. However, I'm not sure they belong together. I say try it, but be aware that it's a hit-and-miss acquired sort of taste. It's definitely one of the more extreme chocolate products I've tried lately.