Extreme Chocolate Fountains

We’ve all seen chocolate fountains, but never like this!

Years ago, chocolate fountains became staples at weddings, parties, and tourist buffets. We're accustomed to seeing them everywhere we go. But every now and then, someone takes a simple idea to the extreme. That's the case with these unusual chocolate fountains!

A Bit of Background

Once upon a time, chocolate fountains cost thousands of dollars. The Canadian Company Design & Realisation had the original fountain brain child, but it wasn't until fountains became available for home use that they really took off. Believe it or not, that was only back in 2004. Staples though chocolate fountains may seem, they've only existed outside restaurants and buffets for half a decade!

Types of Fountains

The basic chocolate fountain has given way to more and more interesting ways of using this spectacular device. In some circles, it's become known as the fondue fountain as people try cheese, broth, or oil in place of chocolate.

But experiments in chocolate are more interesting to chocolate lovers! Caterers have developed new and interesting ways to use chocolate fountains, trying different flavors blended with the flow, integrating chunks of maple fudge, or playing with color. There's nothing quite as pretty as red chocolate flowing over a green fountain for that office Christmas party!

The Biggest of Them All

The Bellagio in Las Vegas is already famous for its dancing water fountains, so why not add a chocolate fountain to the mix -- in fact, the world's largest? Pastry chef Jean-Philippe Maury designed the twenty seven foot high chocolate spectacle. Circulating over 2,000 pounds of chocolate, it's a spectacle that has to be seen to be believed!

But the Bellagio fountain isn't just a supersized version of what you might see at your local wedding. The designers got really creative, adding spouts, twists, and unique splashes and jumps, resulting in a work of chocolate art. Chocolate issues from one of the six ceiling spouts to navigate twenty-five tubes. Different tints of chocolate illuminate the vessels, giving depth and variety to the fountain.

It all looks good enough to eat. Unfortunately, the Bellagio has anticipated that desire and enclosed the fountain behind 300 pounds of glass panels, enough to thwart even the most dedicated chocoholic. This fountain really is a work of art.

It's always fun to find new twists on old ideas. Maury created his chocolate fountain spectacular by merging his love of chocolate with his creativity. You might not have the resources of the Bellagio behind you, but your innovativeness knows no bounds. Put your mind to it and see what kind of chocolate fountains you can create for your next gathering!