Everything You Need to Know to Donate Your Chocolate Craving to Science!

If you're a chocolate craving snackaholic, you might be just the answer science is looking for

I bet you never thought you could put your chocolate craving to use for the good of all humankind! But now scientists in the United Kingdom want 150 women to volunteer to advance the cause of medical science by... eating chocolate! That's right: your love of chocolate has a purpose. We tend to think of chocolate craving as a weakness, but it's exactly the weakness these scientists are looking for!

If you love chocolate, you probably already know all about the health benefits of dark chocolate: flavanoids, antioxidants, and a host of other things that doctors theorize may do more good than harm. Of course, these elements only appear in dark chocolate, so that milk chocolate Easter bunny you gobbled down doesn't count as health food -- sorry.

You have to eat chocolate... it's a rule

The lucky chocolate craving women participating in this study will have to eat at least one bar of chocolate a day. Scientists plan to test them several times during the year long study for risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. They theorize that the increased flavanoids in the women's diets will significantly decrease their risk of these illnesses.

Why only women? Head researcher Professor Aedin Cassidy says that, although men and women are pretty much at equal risk of heart disease, women haven't had much of a role in previous studies. They all tend to revolve around preventing heart disease in men. That's why this study focuses on women: to even out the representation.

Details! Details!

The study supplies the chocolate, but it's a specific brand, one high in flavanoids and soy, manufactured specifically for this study. The study contracted a high-priced Belgian chocolatier to produce the bar, though, so there shouldn't be any problems with taste.

You're eligible for this study if:

-You live in the UK
-You're a post-menopausal women under the age of 70
-You don't mind reporting for five tests over the course of the year
-You're a chocolate craving monster

Okay, I made that last one up. But it should be a requirement! After all, if they're going to have a study that focuses on chocolate craving, it's only right that they take the dedicated chocoholics.