Enjoy a Day at a Chocolate Spa!

Love chocolate? Always wanted your body slathered in it? A chocolate spa might be for you!

That's right: Hotel Hershey has created the Hershey chocolate spa, specifically designed for chocoholics. Not only is this beautiful hotel a luxurious, beautiful spot in is own right, now you can visit its spa and take full advantage of themed treatments.

What Do You Do at a Chocolate Spa?

Exactly what you do at any other spa! If anything, the Hershey chocolate spa features better facilities and equipment than most. And if you're a chocolate history buff, you'll love the spa itself. The hotel has made every effort to reproduce High Point Mansion (Milton Hershey's home). You can relax, sit back, and let history swallow you whole, enjoying a heady dose of chocolate and aromatherapy all the while!

Chocolate Treatments

As you probably guessed, many of the spa's treatments feature chocolate and chocolate products. Just a few of these include:

-Chocolate soaks: Haven't you always wanted to take a bath in a tub of cocoa?

-Chocolate bean polish: Let cocoa bean husks and walnut shells exfoliate those rough edges off your skin!

-Chocolate scented massage: Exactly what it sounds like (no, you can't eat the massage oil).

-Chocolate scrubs: Get exfoliated and smell like a candy store all day long!

-Chocolate fondue wrap: Basically a mud wrap with some cocoa mixed in. Treat your skin to softness!

You Don't Have to Love Chocolate!

If you're one of those rare, strange people who don't like the idea of a chocolate spa, don't worry: the spa offers non-chocolate based services, still maintaining that Hershey's theme.

For example, Milton Hershey always loved Cuba, so the spa offers a series of "Cuban experience" treatments. Kitty Hershey, his wife, had a passion for flowers, so you can enjoy a rose petal bath. You can even take an actual soak in milk and honey! Close your eyes, summon the sounds and sights of the Nile, and pretend you're a queen.

If you're in or planning to be near the Pennsylvania area in the near future, it's well worth taking a look at the Hershey hotel and its chocolate spa! The facilities receive rave reviews, the atmosphere is beautiful, and you'll enjoy a luxurious weekend of female bonding or romance (yes, they have services for men, too!). Whether you're a spa novice or an experienced connoisseur, you haven't seen anything until you try the chocolate spa!


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