Death By Chocolate: A Mini-Profile

Death by Chocolate? Now, that's Extreme!

It's hard to imagine anything as extreme as Death By Chocolate, though let us assure you, it does exist. But dismiss those thoughts of chocolate mousse fatalities, or heaven forbid the various chain-restaurant desserts that have been given the name in the past. The Death we're talking here about is all business.

As you might expect, it's a business that specializes in decadent desserts, each containing enough chocolate to satisfy a normal person for a month -- and a choco extremo for, oh, maybe a day. So, are you drooling yet?

A Brief History

Death By Chocolate comes to us from New Zealand, where it was originally brought to fruition as a chocolate and coffee bar. (As if the obromine wasn't enough, they offer its zippier cousin caffeine, too). In 1995, an investment company saw the potential and took the concept worldwide.

Despite much wailing and gnashing of teeth, DBC has yet to open any stores in the USA. That may be because this form of sweet torture isn't legal here -- yet -- or perhaps because certain restaurant chains refuse to relinquish their claims on the names of their favorite desserts. A-hem. You know who you are.

Death By Chocolate has, however, brought its choco-cruelty to both Canada and Mexico, so we're bracketed in a sense. Those of us near the border, north or south, thus have an opportunity to experience it in person. Until a few corporate deals are struck, that may be the best we can hope for.

On the Menu

Forget about getting a burger at one of these restaurants. Its dessert all the way, baby. And such desserts -- more than 30 in all -- are each stuffed plumb full of chocolate goodness. Who wouldn't want a slice of Joseph's Technicolor Dreamcake, or a chance to dive into the Dessert Formerly Known as Prince?

The company's original offering, a towering stack of chocolaty wickedness known (not surprisingly) as Death By Chocolate, provided the business name and is still a menu favorite. And it's so terribly hard to choose between the fudgy Devil in Disguise, A Multitude of Sins, or the Heavenly Dilemma.

Absolutely Perfect!

How about now? Drooling yet? Your Humble Writer is. You've heard the saying "like a kid in a candy store" -- well, looking at this restaurant's menu will bring that home to you, in a way that mere food could otherwise never do. It's high time we sent a petition to the government to get one in every major U.S. city.

Until then, we'll just have to anxiously watch those gas prices go down so that we can organize road trips to British Columbia, Mexico City, and other points north and south... Oh, the heck with it. If you get on the road now, you can be enjoying your Death by Chocolate or some Sticky Bits by next Tuesday.