Corallo Cacao: the Best Chocolate in the World?

Got plenty of disposable income? Consider spending some on Corallo Cacao -- possibly the best chocolate in the world.

Those in the know claim that Corallo Cacao may just be the best chocolate on the entire planet. While we've never met a chocolate we didn't like (not even bitter baking chocolate), the scuttlebutt has it that Italian chocolatier Claudio Corallo's formulations are to chocolate what real butter is to margarine.

It's easy to dismiss this as hype -- but is it really? People who've tasted Corallo's stock sing its praises to the skies, saying that everything Corallo claims is gospel truth. We'll take a closer look at his operation in this article.

Mmmm, tasty

Corallo Cacao is a small operation, but it ships its superlative chocolate all over the world. A former coffee-grower who lost his plantations to Zaire's civil war in the '90s, Claudio Corallo soon relocated to the tiny island of Principe off the coast of Nigeria. There he found cacao trees growing wild, and began cultivating them.

These trees were descended from plants brought to Principe by the Portuguese, who once controlled the island. While less productive than modern cacao trees, their beans are much more flavorful. Corallo treats their fruit with reverence, more like wine grapes than anything else.

These factors, along with his careful two-week fermentation process and a few more secret processing details, combine to form the distinctive, full-bodied flavor of Corallo Cacao, in which the taste of the fruit is much more obvious than in most chocolate -- even the other expensive varieties.

Super-Rich Chocolate

Corallo specializes in toothsome chocolates containing a very high percentage of cacao -- 75%, 80%, and 100% particularly. (The latter has absolutely no sugar. None.) Then there's the 73.5% variety with cocoa nibs, and the 70% with raisons. So, are you drooling yet?

Other Corallo Cacao offerings include chocolates flavored with ginger and orange, and even a combination of two of Corallo's life-long loves -- chocolate-covered coffee beans. Then there's the ultimate chocolate snack: roasted cacao beans. Just peel 'em and chew, for that full, rich, natural flavor.

An Expensive Treat

Speaking of super-rich chocolate, it's an ironic fact that most of the people on Principe can't afford the chocolates Corallo produces. It's not quite as expensive as caviar or Chanel No. 5, but even the least expensive varieties cost well over five dollars per ounce when you factor in the postage.

That's kind of expensive compared to your garden-variety Hershey bar, but according to the experts, it's worth every penny. If you'd like to spend a few of your pennies on what may be the best boutique chocolate in the world, you can order directly from Corallo Cacao.