Make Chocolate Chip Cookies You'll Love

27 tips for creating great chocolate chip cookies (Tips 22 to 27)

You'll create great chocolate chip cookies by following the 27 tips you find here. (If you haven't yet read our previous tips on how to make great Chocolate Chip Cookies click here to start at the beginning.) Or continue reading for chocolate chip cookies tips #22 to #27...

Chocolate Chip Cookies Tip #22:

Use a wooden spoon to add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients -- about 1 cup at a time. Feel free to use your hands to mix them thoroughly. You want to make sure they are thoroughly mixed -- but don't mix longer than necessary.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Tip #23:

Add the chocolate (at room temperature) into the combined batter. You don't want the chocolate to be too soft or it will combine with the batter -- or too cold or it will cause uneven baking.

Don't use an electric mixer to add the chocolate.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Tip #24:

Consider chilling the dough. It often makes flakier cookies.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Tip #25:

Use spoons to form the cookies if you want regular size cookies, and an ice cream scoop if you want large to giant cookies. Flatten larger cookies a bit so they bake more evenly.

Alternatively, you can create balls from the dough and then flatten them with a slightly moistened spoon.

Always leave room between your cookies so they don't mush together -- 2 inches apart is about right for regular cookies, more if you're making bigger cookies.

Leave dough in the refrigerator while one batch of cookies is baking and while you're waiting to form the next batch of cookies.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Tip #26:

Unfortunately, chocolate chip cookies are easy to burn, so you have to be careful. Make sure you use an oven thermometer. And always set your timer right away -- and for the shortest time suggested by the recipe.

Rotate baking sheets halfway through, and switch the baking sheets onto different racks if you're baking more than one batch at a time.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Tip #27:

When you remove the baking sheets from the oven, let them set for a minute or two before you put them on the racks to cool. If you're using parchment, just slide it off onto the rack. Otherwise, carefully move the cookies using a wide spatula that holds a whole cookie.

Always make sure the pans are cool before you bake another batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Enjoy the wonderful smells -- and eating your chocolate chip cookies!