How to Create Chocolate Chip Cookies You'll Love

27 tips for making the best chocolate chip cookies (Tips 15 to 21)

If you want to create the best chocolate chip cookies, you've come to exactly the right place...

We've got 27 tips for making the best chocolate chip cookies you and your family will love. (If you just got to this page but you haven't yet seen our other tips on baking the best Chocolate Chip Cookies click here to start at the beginning.) Otherwise, let's continue...

Chocolate Chip Cookies Tip #15:

When possible, use real vanilla extract (rather than imitation vanilla extract) for your chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Tip #16:

Nuts are the most controversial ingredients in chocolate chip cookies. Some people love them; about two thirds of Americans prefer their chocolate chip cookies 'nutless.'

Of you want the nutty flavor without the nutty texture, you can grind almonds or walnuts very finely and add them to your recipe this way. On the other hand, many nut lovers prefer that you just break nuts into pieces rather than chop them. So, it's a matter of individual preference.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Tip #17:

The type of cookie sheet or baking pan can affect the texture of your cookies. Shiny pans help prevent burning and/or browning too quickly. Also, if the metal is too thin, your cookies will burn more easily.

To ensure good circulation, make sure there are 3 or 4 inches of clearing all around your cookie sheets when they are in the oven.

Also, do you grease the pan or use parchment paper? There are lots of differing opinions. We prefer to use parchment paper, no grease, on shiny and heavy cookie sheets.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Tip #18:

Put everything you need on the counter to make sure you have everything. Especially if you're a bit disorganized, move it to a second location once you've put it in your batter.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Tip #19:

Sift the dry ingredients before you get going. Sift the flour and baking powder together to get them well mixed.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Tip #20:

Preheat your oven 10 to 15 minutes before you start mixing the ingredients (unless you need to chill the cookie dough).

Use only the top or center racks of your oven -- your cookies are much less likely to burn.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Tip #21:

Creaming means adding air to butter, etc. until it becomes fluffy and light. Don't let the butter get too warm. Add the sugar gradually after the butter starts changing texture.

Add the eggs. Some recipes require you beat them -- some don't. You may want to break them into a separate bowl so you don't get pieces of eggshell in your cookies.

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