Chocolate Chip Cookies You'll Love

27 tips for creating excellent chocolate chip cookies (Tips 10 to 14)

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Chocolate Chip Cookies Tip #10:

Use unsalted butter in your recipes when using butter -- it gives a smoother taste. Salt was used as a preservative before refrigeration -- it's no longer needed in your cookies (unless you prefer the taste of some salt).

Chocolate Chip Cookies Tip #11:

Sugar is used to sweeten the cookie dough, as well as to make it more tender. Most chocolate chip cookie recipes use white granulated sugar. However, brown sugar (either light or dark) produces a different taste many people truly love.

Corn syrup is another option -- it makes for chewier cookies.

Honey is yet another option, producing softer and moister cookies. You can also substitute honey by using about 3/4 the amount of honey as sugar (e.g., 3/4 cup honey is equivalent to 1 cup of sugar).

Chocolate Chip Cookies Tip #12:

Use fresh eggs in your chocolate chip cookie recipes -- either white or brown are fine. Eggs help make your cookies more tender, moist, and light. Using fresh eggs lets you add more air into the mixture, which produces these excellent results.

Adding additional egg yolk will make the cookies more cake-like.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Tip #13:

The most common flour used for chocolate chip cookies is all-purpose, unbleached white flour. Cake flour produces a more crumbly texture. Bread flour often produces a tough cookie.

You can experiment with other grains, like wheat germ, oats, or bran.

Many cooks feel that you should use as little flour as necessary for the best chocolate chip cookies. More flour makes for cakier and thicker cookies.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Tip #14:

Baking powder and baking soda are important ingredients. Without them, you'd have rocks rather than tender cookies. Most recipes call for double-acting baking powder, which begins its work on the cold dough, before you start to bake.

Always be sure to thoroughly mix them into the flour before you add any of the wet ingredients.

Some recipes add baking soda as well -- this leads to even lighter and more tender cookies.

Make sure your baking powder and/or baking soda is fresh so it can do its job.

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