Chocolate Candy Molds:

4 steps for using chocolate candy molds to make chocolates or chocolate candies

Chocolate candy molds are a 'must-have' if you are planning to make your own chocolate treats at home.

Just think of all the ways chocolate candy molds can be used -- for everything from birthdays to Christmas bazaars!

There are literally thousands of kinds and shapes and sizes of chocolate candy molds -- from seasonal designs like Christmas and Easter, to kid's shapes and custom-made shapes.

The only limit to the use of chocolate candy molds is your imagination!

Some chocolate candy molds are made out of resin, and not designed even for the dishwasher... while others are designed to withstand the high temperatures required to create hard candy.

Regardless of the type, chocolate candy molds are manufactured to be very tough and durable, and will often last for many years.

Many chocolate candy molds come with detailed instructions on how to make candy. Quite often, the chocolate candy molds are actually a kit that includes recipes for hard candy as well.

Here are four steps for how to use chocolate candy molds to make chocolates or chocolate candies:

1A. To melt the chocolate in your microwave: put 1 lb. of chocolate in a bowl. Microwave on half power for 1 minute, and then stir it. Repeat this process until the chocolate is mixed well, and fully melted.

1B. To melt chocolate in a double boiler: put it in the top pan & set it in the outer pan full of water. Heat on LOW (trying not to boil the water) and stir it while it melts -- a process that may take as long as 15 minutes, so be patient.

2. Fill chocolate candy molds by spooning the melted chocolate into the mold cavities. Then hold both sides of the chocolate candy mold and tap it lightly on your tabletop to remove air bubbles and to level out the chocolate.

3. Cool the chocolate: Put the filled chocolate candy mold into the freezer, which 'quick cools' it and may make a nicer, shinier surface. Small candies or bite size items will be cold enough to remove in about 5 minutes, but larger ones will take about 10.

4. Remove the molded candy from the chocolate candy mold. Turn it upside down and gently tap it on the table. The candy should easily drop right out, and be ready to eat or give away!


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