Chocolate Tofu Mousse

You've probably never heard of chocolate tofu mousse, but it's worth trying!

If you're bored even with all the extreme chocolate products to be found online and in the local ethnic markets, then I have two words for you: chocolate tofu.

Many and varied are the charms of the cacao bean; and it's so versatile that it can even be combined with the products of a certain fuzzy legume we call the soybean. Let's look into the possibilities a bit farther, shall we?


When you think about it, the soybean may be even more versatile than the cacao. If you believe that sacrilege, consider: you can make fake meat out of soy. No one's managed that yet with chocolate, as far as we know.

And yet, have you ever heard of a website called "Extreme Tofu"? Are there tofu-extremos out there? I think not. I can definitely tell you tofu is something I can tolerate, but it doesn't float my boat like chocolate does. Maybe someone out there likes it as much as most people like chocolate... but I doubt it.


Still, soy is indeed impressive. It can help lower your blood pressure, can convincingly be made to imitate anything from turkey to ice cream (hopefully not together!), and it's all-around good for you. And yes, it mixes pretty well with chocolate, at least in bean-curd form.

Tofu chocolate pudding is a definite possibility, but let's take it one step beyond to tofu chocolate mousse. Here's what you need for this treat, which takes very little time to make:

3/4 cup of dark chocolate chips
12 ounces of drained silken tofu
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract (or the real stuff if you can get it)
1/2 cup of skim milk (or soy milk if you really like soy)

The Procedure

It's hard to get much simpler than this. Simply melt ye olde chocolatte chippes in a double boiler (never expose chocolate to heat in a regular saucepan!), stirring carefully so they melt evenly. Then put the melted chocolate off the heat, and very quickly dump your drained tofu into a blender and puree it.

Next, fold in the melted chocolate. Don't take your time with this, or the chocolate may resolidify, and you'll have to do it over again... which is harder the second time round. While you're doing this, warm the milk in the microwave for about 30 seconds.

Moving Right Along

Blend the chocolate-tofu mix, then slowly add the milk and vanilla until everything is well mixed. Be sure to taste-test it to make sure it's delicious (but control yourself). Then spoon it into individual serving cups and chill for at least two hours. Your tofu chocolate mousse is sure to be a hit when you serve it!