Chocolate News: Put an End to Bar Fights!

In addition to all its other benefits, new chocolate news shows how the UK uses chocolate to break up brawls!

Just when you thought you'd heard all the chocolate news there was to hear, this little gem pops up. Apparently the town of Bournemouth, located in the southeast of England, has found the most creative use of chocolate to date. No, they're not using it to encourage tourism, raise church attendance, or improve good health. They're using it to break up bar fights.

Alcohol related violence has become a serious issue in Bournemouth. Local authorities have tried everything under a new act, including increasing police presence, eliminating happy hour, and creating tougher fines for public drunken behavior. When that wasn't enough, though, they turned to chocolate.

It's not new chocolate news: everyone knows that something about chocolate just makes you feel good. In fact, chocolate stimulates the release of neurotransmitter chemicals in your brain. Chemicals like serotonin are your body's signal to feel good. Chocolate stimulates the release of those chemicals. So in other words, it's not your imagination: eating chocolate really does make you feel good.

The Bournemouth authorities have carried this simple fact a step further. At closing time, pubs offer complimentary bags of chocolate treats to patrons. There are two goals here. The first is to keep the patrons too busy to fight: after all, who wants to put down a fistful of candy to swing a punch? The other involves those brain chemicals. In theory, the chocolate will make people feel good, discouraging them from acting on their anger.

Who knows where it'll go from here? Maybe each staff or board meeting should start with a chocolate bar. And what about prisons? Could they reduce instances of escape attempts and brawls by serving a mug of bedtime cocoa? Just imagine: with a few candy bars, the world's chocolate news could become a story of peace and good will!

Of course, chocolate isn't always the healthiest thing in the world (or, if not chocolate, the sugar and butter crammed inside it). So you don't want to overdo it, even if it does make you feel good. Still, this is one of the most unique uses of chocolate I've come across in the chocolate news!