Chocolate Gum: Two Great Candy Concepts Combined!

Chocolate + Gum = chocolate gum. What a great idea, right?

If you haven't tried it yet, let us assure you: chocolate gum is a great way to get your daily theobromine fix. Oh, it's not exactly candy, but it does last a bit, keeps your mouth active, and is, after all, rather unique. And hey, we can always use a new chocolate delivery system, right?

So let's explore the world of choco-gum, and see what we have to work with.

The Best of Two Worlds

For a long time, all that was available on the choco-gum front was chocolate-flavored gum. That is, it was gum that tasted like chocolate, either through the use of natural or (shudder) artificial flavors. There was no actual chocolate in the gum.

Here's why: sadly, gum tends to fall apart when you add chocolate. If you've ever mixed peanut butter with gum, you'll understand what we mean here. So by and large, cocoa and the other rich ingredients found in chocolate are a no-go.

Mostly, then, chocolate lovers have to make do with flavoring. That's okay, but what do you do when you want real gummy chocolate? You could try chewing a stick of Wrigley's and a chunk of Hershey's at the same time, but believe us, this doesn't really work (per the above problems).

Yeah, we've tried it.

The Real Solution

Because confectioners maintain an abiding fascination with chocolate (not that we blame them), they're always ready to do some necessary experimentation. This is how we got delicacies like chocolate bacon, chocolate gravy, and heat-resistant chocolate, after all.

It should come as no surprise, then, that a few confectioners have managed to combine gum with cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and "cocoa mass" (whatever that is) to make genuine choco-gum--not chocolate-flavored, but real chocolate. But while it exists, it's rare, hard to acquire, and can be a bit expensive.

Take the Marukawa variety, which is one of the best options. This choco-gum is made in Japan. By all accounts, it's soft, chewy, and consistent in flavor, and you can blow great big bubbles with it. But it's hard to find in the U.S., and sells out quickly even online.

If you can find it, expect to pay about $2 for eight pieces, plus international shipping, of course. If you're willing to wait in line, you can sign up at Amazon and they'll let you know when it's available. Marukawa Availability Notification List

There's not much else to recommend on the true choco-gum front, so why not sign up for the Marukawa alert? To satisfy your immediate cravings for chocolate gum, we recommend something flavored, like Hershey's Chocolate Bubble Yum, which you can get right now for less than a buck.