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Come now: a chocolate bra? As in brassiere, one of the most essential of ladies' foundation undergarments? Believe it or not, yes.

Chocolate does have a tendency to stimulate the most feverish imaginings of human creativity, after all; witness chocolate-covered insects, the chocolate-bacon candy bar, and chocolate-covered Jeep licking as examples (you'll find all these in our archives).

Recently, someone went and invented the chocolate haggis. Seriously. Now, just think about that for a while, and try not to shudder. But do keep this in mind: it's better than it sounds!

Then again, it would have to be.

A little revelation here: haggis is not Your Humble Writer's favorite dish.

In Part I of this article, we discussed weird chocolate gifts that fell into two categories: desserts, and office supplies. Well, the goodies in this little missive fall into two other tasty categories: candy (gee, what a surprise), and wearable chocolate (no, really). We think you'll find them interesting.

Admittedly, some are interesting in the same way a train wreck is interesting, but still. Submitted, then, for your approval: chocolate goodies that any self-respecting chocolate extremo should be sure to put on his or her chocolate lover's gift list.

We extreme chocolate lovers are fortunate in many ways, not least because there are so many weird chocolate gifts out there that we're sure to get something new and exciting every birthday and Christmas. chocolate bugs? Check. chocolate bullets? Check. chocolate ca-ca? Um, sadly, check.

From chocolate perfume to your very own chocolate bandages, there's enough odd chocolate out there to keep your little heart happy no matter what. Let's look at a few more items, hmmm? This time, we've found so many it'll take two full articles to cover them all.

You might think chocolate couldn't get much more extreme than chocolate maggots or band-aids, but believe us, there are more weird chocolate gifts available, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. We've already spoken of some in these pages -- chocolate hearts, chocolate feet, chocolate bugs...

Now, those things are almost enough to make 10-lb bars of chocolate shaped like credit cards tame by comparison. Well, that ain't all -- here are a few more of the odder chocolate items we've managed to dig up. Some are whimsical, some practical (at least from a chocoholic's perspective!) and all are a little weird.

A week ago, we featured some weird chocolate gifts in an article of the same name. With so many extreme options we felt obliged to take on the subject again.

The term "extreme chocolate" can be rather subjective, and that applies in spades to the idea of weird chocolate gifts. Okay, so most people think chocolate shaped like brains, feet, and (ahem) other body parts is weird, and everyone thinks chocolate bugs are weird, but really -- there are weirder forms out there.

For example, how do chocolate bullets, a chocolate mink coat, or chocolate band-aids sound? Come along for this scintillating theobromine-soaked ride, and we'll show you all this and more.

There was a time when a hollow chocolate bunny might have been considered a weird chocolate gift, but that was before the days of injection molding and crass Easter-oriented commercialism. Now it's weirder if a kid doesn't get one in his or her Easter basket, usually with the ears already lopped off by hungry parents.

Okay, so maybe that only happens in our families. We are, extreme chocolate fans, and it's well known that those proclivities are genetic. In any case, we're going to explore weird chocolate gifts that are still uncommon by modern standards. At least, for the moment.

The movie Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull wasn't exactly well received by the critics. It might have gotten a few more "thumbs up" if it had been retitled Indiana Jones and the Chocolate Skull. That's what we at Extreme Chocolate think, anyhow. Of course, we're a little biased.

Incidentally, that choco-skull thing, we're totally not making that up. We'll prove it today. If you think the subject's icky, consider this: these skulls are no more grisly than anatomically correct chocolate hearts, and a lot less so than chocolate brains that contain red goo that squish out when you bite into them.

It's natural to associate chocolate and love, so why not stock up on romantic chocolate ideas for any time of year? Valentine's Day is a great time to indulge, sure -- but how surprised would your significant other will be with a special chocolate gift on the fourth of July, or your one year and eight months anniversary?

Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, special birthdays -- what occasion doesn't deserve beautiful chocolate desserts? And if you're a real chocolate connoisseur, not just any chocolate dessert will do: you demand the best, the most extravagant, the most lavish and richly presented chocolate desserts in existence!

Fortunately, you're not alone. There are others out there who crave gourmet chocolate desserts, and we've found just the place for you to find them: Vosges Haut Chocolate.