Recently in Chocolate Gift Baskets Category

1. Chocolate Perfume

That's right, you can smell like your favorite treat! What better gift for the pure chocoholic than a perfume that'll let them sniff that delectable scent all day long? Better still, it's sure to attract the right kind of people -- that is, other chocolate lovers!

2. Chocolate beads

The downside of these chocolate beads is, they're not edible. They look it, though, so make sure you warn your friends before they try to bite in! The beads are hand-blown Italian glass, perfectly shaped to match chocolate candies. These are the perfect gifts for artistic friends who want to look like their favorite treats. Get them the chocolate perfume to go with the beads and they can make their creations smell as good as they look!

3. Chocolate Bath Soak

What would make better gifts for chocolate lovers than a long, luxurious bath spent immersed in the scent and flavor of chocolate? This bath silk is a wonderful compound of chocolate, oatmeal, and bath oils. You get to soak in actual chocolate and soothe your skin at the same time!

4. A Chocolate Gift Basket

Okay, so it's not all that original, but baskets of beautiful gourmet chocolates always make perfect gifts for chocolate lovers. You can go local -- look for shops that still make their own candy! -- or search online for all the best gourmet chocolates. If the recipient has a favorite brand, your job is double easy: buy a bunch of great chocolates, stuff them in a pretty basket, and adorn the whole thing with a bow.

There are many unusual chocolate gifts, and the ones in this article are just a start. Whatever you decide, you're bound to find gifts for chocolate lovers that'll really make them grin!