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We've always had a soft place in our hearts for chocolate fondue. After all, who can resist the idea of warm, creamy chocolate just waiting for you to dip your favorite treats? And of course, there's something cozy and friendly about sitting around a table and sharing a communal pot with your closest friends.

These days, chocolate fondue pots are inexpensive, readily available, and come with a wide variety of pre-made sauces. But what if you're not a pre-made kind of person? Fortunately, there are many ways to get creative with a chocolate fondue.

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Having a chocolate fondue recipe or two in your 'bag of tricks' is essential for any fondue party host -- or, for that matter, for anyone who likes to entertain.

A chocolate fondue recipe will insure that you have a delectable dessert to serve at your next gathering that's easy... yet irresistible and delicious.

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