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Several years ago, I received my first email about the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe. The hype started and has grown by leaps and bounds!

Who doesn't love chocolate cookies? After all, what would life be like without Oreos, or Chips Ahoys, or those scrumptious Thin Mints the Girl Scouts torture us with every spring? While life would certainly move on (well, maybe), it would be that much more boring -- and we do not need more boring in our lives.

Hence, this mini-collection of cookie recipes. They may not be as extreme as, say, chocolate sushi, but they're very edible and require very little effort to prepare. In fact, most don't use the oven at all -- and the one that does uses only leftover heat. Intrigued? Check 'em out to learn how to bake without baking.

Like a true chocoholic, I'm always on the search for new chocolate cookie recipes. Of course, there's nothing wrong with good ol' Tollhouse cookies. But every now and then you start longing for a change: a new way to make deliciously warm and moist cookies without resorting to the same old recipe. So you do what every modern chocoholic does when such an urge strikes: you hit the Internet.

Or in this case, I do it for you. Here are two chocolate cookie recipes you can really sink your teeth into (er, the cookies, please -- no bite marks on the computer screen). Okay, there's nothing that extreme about them -- unless you count eating your body weight in sugar as "extreme" -- but you won't be complaining!

You might think that there are plenty of reasons not to eat bugs, including chocolate bugs. But they're actually considered quite a delicacy. In fact, you can find a lot of chocolate recipes involving the insect kingdom -- enough to make you think that someone's got to eat these things.

So for the curious, the interested, and the plain old weird, here are a few chocolate bug recipes for your cooking pleasure.

Why bother with unusual chocolate chip cookies when the original is so darn good? Well, sometimes you just hunger for change. Besides, the real chocolate extremists among us are always seeking ways to push the envelope -- to take our chocolate fixations just one step further. And this selection of ideas delivers in spades!

Ultra-Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Recipe Summary - Ultra-Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
Difficulty: Medium

This wonderful, soft chocolate chip cookie recipe is a variant of the urban legend about a person who supposedly asked Mrs. Fields or Neiman Marcus for their secret chocolate chip cookie recipe.

If we want to understand the history of chocolate chip cookies, we need to first look at the history of cookies more generally.

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