Chocolate Bacon Cheeseburgers: A New Taste Sensation

Chocolate, Hamburger, and Bacon... Could There Be Anything More Extremely Intriguing?

The thought would probably cause your average heart surgeon to stroke out, chocolate bacon cheeseburgers have recently appeared on the world culinary scene.

You've survived tales of chocolate beet cake and chocolate-covered bugs ...but do you think you're extreme enough to stand chocolate bacon cheeseburgers?

No, this isn't some clever little linguistic code, like calling little bits of chocolate in a caviar tin "chocolate caviar." They're for real.

Even better, we know how you can get one, or at least make one for your very own. Just read on, and try to control yourself. There's enough for everyone to nom. (If "nom" is Greek to you, it's slang for enjoyable eating. As in "Om nom nom nom!" Thank you, Cookie Monster!)

Hybrid Vigor

The chocolate bacon cheeseburger is, quite simply, an exquisite combination of two of America's greatest culinary gifts to the world. Although it's been called "a monstrosity of a dish" by its creators, from all reports it's actually an incredibly tasty creation.

The original of the chocolate bacon burgers (at least as far as we know) is called the Brooklynite, and was created by the Brooklyn purveyors Epic Nomz on August 1, 2008.

Oh, So you Want a Recipe, eh?

Fortunately for the world, Epic Nomz has loosed their recipe for chocolate bacon cheeseburgers onto the Internet, where it can reproduce in relative safety. It's not as if you can't figure it out yourself -- for heaven's sake, they're chocolate cheeseburgers -- but we thought we'd give you a few pointers anyhow.

The ingredients are basic: hamburger buns, bacon, cheese, chocolate, and various spreads and veggies to dress it up. Pick any variants of these you prefer. Epic Nomz went all out with wild boar bacon, Ghirardelli milk chocolate, vegetarian-fed ground beef, and sesame seed buns with pepperjack cheese.

The most important part is preparing your bacon, the foundation upon which your chocolate bacon cheeseburger is built. Fry the bacon up nice and crisp in a pan, then pat it dry on paper towels. Then dip it into the molten chocolate, which you've carefully melted in a double broiler.

Coat each slice carefully and completely, getting chocolate into all the little ridges and wrinkles. Then put the slices in the freezer for 20 minutes to let the chocolate set. After you've cooked your cow in the traditional way, then you can then start to build your chocolate bacon cheeseburgers in any manner that strikes your fancy.