Chocolate Asparagus, a Much Needed Food

If you can have chocolate covered smelt or squid, and indeed you can, then why quibble at chocolate asparagus?

You know, we go pretty far afield sometimes to find extreme chocolate treats... but chocolate asparagus just jumped right out at us, the result of someone's offhand comment that kids would eat more asparagus if someone dipped it in chocolate first.

Of course, kids would eat rocks if someone dipped them in chocolate first. Some adults would, too. Hmmm... we hereby copyright that idea.

The Attractions of Asparagus

The truth is, asparagus isn't that bad. The problem that most kids have with asparagus is the same one they have with green beans, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts: it's green, and their palates aren't sufficiently refined to appreciate the subtle flavor.

Although, let's face it, some boys will eat it for one reason only: because it can make your urine really stinky. Asparagus spears contain a sulfur compound called mercaptan, something they share with skunks. About half of us can smell it in our urine after eating asparagus; the rest of us can't.

Interestingly, scientists haven't been able to figure out if this means that only half of us get perfumed asparagus urine, or if everyone gets it and only half of us can actually smell it. But on to less aromatic facts.

How Does It Taste?

We've actually tested this idea and, while it's not going to take the culinary world by storm, chocolate a la asparagus is surprisingly palatable. The unique flavor of asparagus goes especially well with dark chocolate, in our humble opinion, but you can always experiment with milk and white chocolate, too.

Now, it's no chocolate covered bacon, and you certainly won't reach for it instead of chocolate pudding, even on its best day. But frankly, it's got chocolate beet cake beet (er, beat)... and let's not even talk about chocolate covered ants, okay?

Where Can I Get It?

That's a good question. Sometimes you can find it on the menus of top-notch restaurants like Miromoto in Philadelphia, where you can also get asparagus ice cream. But if you'd like to try it out, your best bet is to prepare it yourself, like we did. It's pretty easy to do, if you can melt chocolate.

Here's a simple Chocolate Asparagus recipe we like, courtesy of Whole Foods Market:

So while restaurateurs occasionally offer a chocolate covered asparagus dish, or asparagus spears with a side of chocolate sauce, no one has really marketed it commercially. Here's your chance! It might take a massive public relations effort, but you could make chocolate asparagus the next Snuggie!